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The Rise of the Home-Based Artisan Bread Business

For many years of our lives we lived in a familiar, comfortable way. Some of our daily existence may have been mundane, with too many hours of work and other responsibilities that kept us busy each day. There was a certain comfort, though, in the rhythms of life to which we had all grown accustomed. Then, with the arrival of the pandemic, everything was thrown into a blender of chaotic change.

In a flash entire sectors of the economy saw a devastating plunge in both customer counts and revenues. Once profitable restaurants were forced to shut down for a while and have still not resumed normal operations months later. People were ordered to stay home and, even as restrictions lifted, many individuals found themselves continuing to work at home instead of at the office. With everything spinning around, consumers started seeking tangible, more certain comforts in life.

Desire for Comfort and Quality During the Pandemic

Whenever we face uncertain times people seek assurance and look for ways to take care of themselves in life. During the economic crisis in 2008 we saw chicken coops and flocks of egg producing chickens spring up instantly in backyards across the country. Consumers were very concerned about money and reacted by making sure they could provide their own protein and have enough to eat.

During the pandemic we have seen two big trends emerge. First, consumers have embraced backyard farming in ways rarely seen before. Sales of seeds and gardening supplies have soared as people sought the security of growing their own food. Another trend is that people are seeking comfort during these times. Warm, delicious loaves of artisan bread, wonderful homemade soups and other comfort foods have been in high demand.

Setting Up a Home-Based Artisan Bread Business

As economic turmoil rolled through the country millions found themselves furloughed or laid off from their jobs. In order to bring in money solo entrepreneurs began setting up cottage industries that offered food products created and prepared in the home. Many states allow the sale of home food products that do not spoil easily, so it was natural that artisan bread would be one of most popular products produced.

Artisan bread is the perfect comfort food. The warmth of a fresh baked loaf, the alluring texture and the delicious taste simply soothe the soul. By purchasing and installing a professional deck oven, spiral mixer and other baking equipment it’s possible for a baker to produce top-quality loaves of artisan bread right at home.

Creative Micro Bread Baking Business Models

One of the advantages that cottage industry bakers have is that they are right in your neighborhood. House-bound customers love purchasing this warm and comforting product. As word-of-mouth spreads people in start flocking to where the bread is sold. Vendors can often sell all of their loaves by simply setting up some card tables on a corner in the neighborhood.

Some bakers focus on locally grown organic grains. Others create more exotic offerings such as apricot wildflower, loaves with rosemary and Kalamata olives or focaccia with tomato and thyme. Sourdough loaves are definitely a crowd pleaser. Once the basic breads are developed, enterprising bakers have been adding new products such as seasonal cakes and home-baked cookies to their offerings.

Even in the midst of the coronavirus crisis it’s possible to create a new venture that can thrive in our trying times. By tapping into the deep human need for comfort food, home bakers have set up successful new businesses that can bring in much-needed revenue and are creating delicious products that have their customers coming back for more.

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