4 Things to Consider When Choosing Flooring for Your Home
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4 Things to Consider When Choosing Flooring for Your Home

The flooring in your property covers such a large expanse and is one of the most noticeable aspects of a room. It is not exactly an area that can be hidden from sight. When looking for a covering for your floors, it is vital to find a product that is suitable for all eventualities. Here are 4 things to consider when choosing flooring for your home.

Where Will the Flooring Be?

When you go shopping for new flooring, you must take into consideration which room in your home it is for. If the flooring is for the kitchen or bathroom, you will need to get something that is water-resistant. If water is spilled, you need a floor that will dry quickly and won’t stain, rot or warp. Lounge rooms can be made comfortable and cozy with a plush carpet, and hallways need a flooring that is hard-wearing. If you have a large, old house, you will probably be wise to choose carpet over a hard flooring as it is warmer.

How Much Traffic Will It Endure?

Areas in your home such as the floor in the entrance hall, vestibule, and kitchen experience a high number of footsteps or traffic walking across them on a regular basis, so these places need flooring that is strong and very durable.

It is best to choose wooden flooring, cork, ceramic and porcelain tiling, laminate, or vinyl for high traffic areas, not only because they are less susceptible to wear and tear than carpet, but because they are easily cleaned with a mop and bucket or a cloth. However, if you are a lover of carpets and enjoy the effect they create, you can maintain carpets that endure high wear and tear by having them cleaned by professional carpet cleaners.

What Look Are You Going For?

How to Choose Flooring for Your Home

Flooring can help create a desired aesthetic for your home. If you are looking to give your home a sleek, minimalist look, you should opt for a hard flooring such as marble, ceramic, or porcelain tiles in a monochrome palette and a high gloss finish. Rustic wooden floorboards, laminate, or wood-effect vinyl can help give your house a cozy cottage image.

What is Your Budget?

The purchase prices of flooring differs significantly from store to store, so it is advisable to shop around.  The cost of carpeting varies hugely and is usually due to the level of quality. Carpets with a high wool content and dense pile typically cost more than those made from mainly polyester. Carpets made from polypropylene are not suitable for high traffic areas as they are not very resilient.

Wooden flooring is generally more expensive than laminate. Still, if your budget doesn’t stretch to installing real wood flooring, some laminates can look just as good and often be more durable than real wood as they are scratch and dent resistant. If you want to tile your floors, ceramic tiles are generally the cheapest to buy. Porcelain and natural stone will set you back a few dollars more due to them being denser, heavier, and stronger than ceramic tiles.

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