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Three Kitchen Design Trends for 2022

Kitchens have replaced living rooms, in this day-and-age. Whereas before they were hidden in the back of the house, now they have become open spaces, where everyone can gather around the person cooking and enjoy a glass of wine, while dinner is being prepared. Here are three ideas to help you enhance your kitchen and that will also be in vogue, in 2022.

A Kitchen opened-up to the Garden

Now that the kitchen is open to the rest of the house, why not open it to the garden, as well. It’s easy: All you have to do is tear the wall down and replace it with aluminium folding doors. You will have a wall made of glass, that will let in the sunlight during the cooler days into the kitchen, and can be fully opened during the warm summer days, to really enjoy the garden. The sunlight will turn the kitchen into a joyful room, where everyone will gladly gather to talk about everything and nothing, just to be together. Check out the models at

Make Yours a Smart Kitchen

Technology is everywhere. Let it come inside your kitchen as well! It can be used literally everywhere, from the faucets to the fridge and also for the lighting. In fact, that is why they call it a smart kitchen. Although it is much easier to start building the kitchen from this aspect first, it is not impossible to adapt yours with all it needs, in order to be called that way too. Most of the easy add-ons will come in the form of motion sensors. It can do things such as having the system tell you which egg you should eat first, before it goes bad. But we are not talking about adding gadgets. Turning your kitchen into a smart one will also help you save on electricity and water consumption.

Add a Multipurpose Kitchen Island

They use to be the thing you would like to add. They have now become the one you need. Kitchen islands have continuously gained in importance, inside the kitchen, to the point that you should not go without one, today. It is partly explained by the fact that kitchens are becoming less and less crowded than they were before, and so, there is a lack of cabinet space. The kitchen island now serves that purpose as well. But most of all, its design is impactful, and in itself, it can turn the look of a kitchen in a favorable way, instantly.

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