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Three Tips For Staying Well All Year Long

Each season comes with its own health problems for some people. For spring, it might be hayfever, bites for summer, and the seemingly endless cold and flu winter season that feels like it lasts for all those six months. Then when you’ve finally got rid of that winter cough, the sniffles of spring come round again! It doesn’t have to be that way, though, as making some slight changes to your lifestyle might make a big difference to how you feel – and might even help you fight off those bugs and illnesses you can pick up throughout the year. So have a look at some of the suggestions below and see how you can stay well all year long.

#1. Sleep Well

We’re supposed to get about eight hours of sleep a night, but how many do we really get? Some of us don’t get as much as we should.

We’ve heard lots of ways you can help get you off to sleep, and some of them might work. Yet some may not, so you might have thought about trying herbal remedies to see if they can get to you go to the land of nod. Valerian is a common remedy for insomnia, for instance, with some studies saying it can improve how quickly you fall asleep help sleep more soundly.

Luckily, the experts at offer a number of herbal remedies, including valerian, that may be able to help with sleep problems. However, you should speak with your doctor before you begin taking such treatments.

#2. Eat Well

Have a look at your regular diet. Are you eating as well as you could be? If not, then you might want to see if you can improve the food you eat, especially in the winter.

Getting the nutrients, vitamins, minerals and fibre you need will help you to stay well. So aim to get your five different portions of fruit and vegetables. It should be carrots or boiled potatoes with dinner, dried fruit, frozen fruit and veg, or even by using a can of chopped tomatoes in your meal. You can even try smoothies or soups.

Have your fill of vitamin C as well. Doing so will help with your immune system and helps your bones, muscles and blood vessels to stay strong. It can also neutralize damage from free radicals from diseases and viruses, among other things.

#3. Be prepared

Hot weather comes with its own health risks for some people, so make sure you know what to do ahead of a heatwave. Taking a few precautions may help you and others when the weather gets hot.

Make sure you drink enough so that you don’t get dehydrated, but avoid alcoholic, sugary or caffeinated drinks. Keep cool and draw your curtains if you’re inside; outside, keep to the shade, and ensure you wear a hat and sunscreen. Also keep an eye on those who may be vulnerable in the heat, such as children, older adults and those with long-term conditions.

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