Fashion for overweight females

Tips and Tricks For Overweight Females To Look Stylish

Are you a fashionista? In the 21st century, everyone wants to follow fashion trends and styles. Whether it is an off-shoulder top or a long-maxi dress, women keep up with the newest wrinkles in the market. However, not every woman gets a chance to enjoy these trends due to their plus size and curvy bodies. Some have been bulky their whole life, while others put on extra pounds later in later life stages. Whatever is the case, your size doesn’t define your personality and fashion sense.

It is time to embrace your true selves and find perfection in your flaws. After all, when life gives you curves, start flaunting them. Today, brands like Dove, Michael Kors, and Nike have introduced plus-size models in their marketing campaigns. In addition to breaking pre-set beauty standards, it inspires women to accept their bodies with confidence and love. Thus, no matter how much you weigh or how curvy you look, welcome fashion trends with open arms.

From fun outfits, chic dresses to funky accessories – you can play the dress up games as you desire. If you are wondering how to pull off fashion trends with style, let us give some ideas. Here we are unfolding some tips and tricks for overweight females to look stylish.

1. Understand Your Body Shape

Before starting the shopping spree, it is essential to understand how your body works. Similarly, see what type of clothes you feel most comfortable wearing and determine your style sense. If you are busty on the short side, long skirts or wide-leg pants will look incredible. Otherwise, you can search for plus size dresses, tops, or anything that draws attention to your height. Moreover, opt for turtlenecks or V-necks to draw attention towards your neckline. Believe it or not, but understanding what works and what doesn’t can take you a long way in your fashion journey.

2. Play With Colors

Surprisingly, playing with colors is a fantastic way to camouflage weight. Firstly, pick colors that complement your skin tone and physique. More than neutral tones, you can opt for darker colors as they give a slimming effect. During the day, colors like red and blue look appealing. Whereas at night, wear subtle ones like gray, black, maroon, purple to give out classy and mature vibes. Besides this, stay away from solid colors because fashion experts believe wearing ‘one’ color can make people look bulky. Therefore, mix and match colors or opt for trendy prints like polka dots, stripes, checks, etc.

3. Stay Away From Baggy Clothes

Amongst all fashion tips, this is the most crucial one. Usually, women prefer loose tops and dresses without any fit to hide their curves, but it works the other way round. Oversized clothes draw more attention towards your body while giving an impression of bulkier size. No matter what your shape or size is, clothes skim your body and flow gently over curves. When it comes to looking fabulous, clothes fitting is as important as style. Therefore, opt for well-fitted garments.

You can get dresses with a small waistline and flowy bottoms as it looks super pretty. Similarly, jeans with a fitted blouse will look equally elegant and smart. Otherwise, you can pair up a crop top with a floor-length skirt. There are plenty of ways to style outfits, but make sure you work in the correct direction.

4. Emphasize Your Attractive Features

Do you have beautiful eyes? Or a sharp jawline? You may feel shy, don’t mind highlighting your excellent features with the right clothing. You can flaunt your back with a backless dress or grab a sundress to flash your legs. Also, look for different necklines to give some prominence to your neck.

Nevertheless, refrain from adding detail to where you carry the weight. If you have a bulky rear end, stay away from jeans with studs and embroidery because it draws attention. Similarly, if your upper arms are beefy, sleeves ending at the thickest arm part can make it look heavier.

5. Choose Smaller Patterns

Being on the curvier side, you have to choose patterns carefully. If you are fond of stripes and checks, always opt for vertical prints over horizontal ones. They make a person look less bulky while accentuating your attractive features. After all, it creates a vision of stretched and slimmer structure, hiding all the curves behind those lines. Similarly, when opting for floral prints, opt for smaller patterns as they can make you look slimmer. Above all, please don’t settle for fitted and tight clothes no matter how stunning designs they have. Alongside exaggerating your weight, it doesn’t look visually appealing.

6. Keep Accessories In Scale

Undoubtedly, an outfit seems incomplete without a pair of earrings, necklaces, and some rings. But it is essential to maintain a balance when picking accessories. Plus-size women need heavier accessories to complement their style and persona. If you like wearing pearl earrings, get bigger sized pearls. Likewise, if you want to wear heels, consider their thickness because pencil heels can make your legs heavier. Hence, keep accessories in line with your bone, size, structure, and weight to create some impeccable style statements.

Wrap Up

Although we live on pre-conceived notions of perfection, there is no such thing as the perfect shape. It is about embracing your body and finding perfection in it. After all, your weight is not a scale to measure intelligence or beauty. In the 21st century, many plus-sized women are embracing themselves. Brands are coming up with product lines explicitly for curvy women. Instead of hiding yourself behind those oversized clothes, it time to flaunt the curves.

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