Tips and Tricks to Elevate Your Hijab Styles In 2017

How was your fashion game in 2016? Awesome? Excellent!

You did so well that your family, friends, colleagues and social media followers are dying to see what you would come up in 2017.

Unfortunately, some fashionistas may feel uninspired with the items in their closets. Any fashion-loving girl knows that the fashion and styling fatigue struggle is real. It’s so easy to reach for the same hijabs every day especially if they are comfortable, easy to wear (no need to fuss over them throughout the day) and flawlessly complements your skin tone and complexion (remember Becky Bloomwood’s green scarf?).

The good news is that there are ways to claw your way out of the hijab-fashionista-has-been hole. Then there’s the great news: there’s no need to spend a copious amount of money on a new collection of hijabs.

Scroll down to see our tips and tricks to elevate your hijab styles in 2017!

Go Pinless!

Pinless hijabs are favored by hijabis since an instant hijab is comfortable, practical and easy to wear.

If you are a hijabi, we are sure at some point you have spent some time looking for your hijab pins. A common struggle we face, we have 99 hijab pins and yet we can’t find one. Or you might have experienced stabbing yourselfwith hijab pins or tearing your favorite scarf. Another benefit of a pinless hijab style is the fact that it lets hijabis show off other accessories that they are wearing alongside the hijab. Check the below video from Bokitta instant hijabs on how you can be hijab-ready in less than 15 seconds.

Experiment With Different Hijab Styles

Have you been sporting the same hijab style since the day you decided to put it on? There’s nothing wrong with the current way you wear your hijab, but it’s probably time to tear yourself away from the style that you can execute even in the dark.

There are so many ways you can wear the hijab and perhaps 2017 is the year for you to experiment with them. Play around with different sizes, shapes, materials and textures and try out different ways to tie these beautiful pieces of cloth. Hijab designers and celebrities are great starting points to inspire you.

Hijab fashion 2017

Show Your Personality With Brooches

Brooches were some of the highlights of Dolce & Gabbana’s and Alexander McQueen’s Fall 2016 runways; they were also featured in the Chanel Resort 2017 collection. They’re definitely one of the top seasonal trends. Not only will they jazz up a simple look but also inject a little personality into your modest outfits.

They’re affordable and can be worn multiple ways, making them great investment pieces. You can pin it to your hijab to secure it in place. You can also tuck your hijab into your top and pin the brooch on the collar to give a professional polish to your overall look. Additionally, use the brooch as a hair accessory.

Find New Ways To Layer Your Clothes

If you have been dominating 2016 with killer outfits, you may have already mastered the art of layering. Instead of relying on your usual layering combinations, find new ways to layer your clothes; think outside the box and play around with different lengths, proportions and textures. You will be able to use your current clothes and hijabs; therefore, you will not need to spend money on extra clothes.

Hijab style

Giving Purpose To Your Clothes

Getting out of a fashion rut can be a difficult task to do especially if you are in denial. After all, who wants to voluntarily admit that they are sartorially challenged? Getting out of your comfort zone can be challenging (and scary); there’s comfort in sticking to a ‘uniform’ that you know will not go wrong. However, this may lead you to an uninspired life; being able to creatively style yourself allows your creativity to flow and inspire other aspects of your life.

Although it can be hard, the key is to continue experimenting with your scarves and clothes and reward yourself for it. Have an ice cream date with your crush or a girls’ movie night with your friends after you have creatively spun new life into your hijab style. After all, there is no point in staying home after dolling yourself up, right?

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