How To Select the Perfect Business Name

6 Tips To Select the Perfect Business Name

You have the business plan. You’ve created a quality product. You’ve picked out the ideal location for your shop. Now, you must decide what you will call it. A business’s name can have a significant impact on its success as the name is what future customers will think of when they look up your shop, see an ad for it online, or recommend it to their friends. Consider several pieces of advice that may help you choose a name that is as great as your company itself.

1. Take Some Time To Brainstorm

Coming up with a label that encompasses the overall nature of your shop is not easy. Be sure to dedicate some time to brainstorming and narrowing down your options. A great way to discover potential names is to use an online generator that comes up with a list of business name ideas. Sites such as allow you to use these programs for free and help ensure that a certain domain name is available.

2. Sneak in Some Key Information

Your business’s name doesn’t need to tell your customers exactly what products or services you offer; however, it should communicate at least a hint of what your specialty is. This way, consumers will be able to quickly decide if your company is what they are looking for. For example, if you run a coffee shop, it is a good idea for your name to somehow allude to hot beverages.

3. Make It Memorable

Equally as important as sneaking in bits of information is creating a name that sticks in peoples’ minds. There are many approaches you may use to achieve memorability. For instance, some businesses choose to create a play on words within their name, catching peoples’ attention with a witty pun. You may also wish to include trending or otherwise interesting words or phrases.

4. Keep It Simple

As you endeavor to find a name that is both informational and memorable, be sure it doesn’t become too complex or lengthy. As a name gets longer and more descriptive, it can become harder to recall. It is also important to be mindful of spelling, as you don’t want customers to struggle to find your site online because they aren’t sure how to spell the name.

5. Be Unique

While it may seem like your competitors have already claimed the best names, remember that there are practically endless options out there. Copying another company’s name and changing it ever so slightly doesn’t do you any favors. It is essential that you promote the qualities that make your business stand out amongst all the others.

6. Run It By Your Friends

A final piece of advice to consider is that your friends, family, and neighbors may have useful insights regarding your company’s name. It is a good idea to ask for outside opinions so that unbiased parties can describe what messages potential names communicate to them.

Though it may seem like such a small concern, choosing a company name is anything but trivial. Be sure to put a lot of thought into this decision and to use all the resources available to you so that your business can put its best foot forward.

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