Looking to Buy Titan Watches at Affordable Price?


We all know that watches not only help us keeping track of time but also add up value to our look and elegance. And if you are looking to buy a timepiece for yourself or any of your loved ones, then Titan is one of the most recommended brands that is trusted by the entire country of India. It is the pioneer in manufacturing few of the world’s leading designs.

They have a wide array of watches at different designs and prices both for men and women. This is what makes Titan watches the most sought after and preferred brand among people of all times.

And, if you are seriously out there to buy a watch, we welcome you to our widest range of Titan watches that will tempt you with their design and look. Pick out your most favorite watch from a huge range of classy and attractive Titan timepieces. Select Titan watches of various stylish designs and features to add up to your attire that will suit any occasion.

Look out at the sophisticated Titan watches for men, women, and children. It has a wide variety of analog as well as chronograph watches. You should know that Titan accounts for almost 60% of the total share of watch brands in the Indian market. Titan sells its watches in around 32 countries through various international marketing subsidiaries and e-commerce websites. Titan offers numerous brands under its umbrella.

To name a few are Titan Steel, Titan Regalia, Fastrack, Raga for women, Titan Nebula, Sonata, Fastrack, Titan Zoop, Titan Orion, Titan Purple, Obaku, Titan Automatic, Titan Tycoon, and Bandhan. Titan Police, Titan Octane, and the HTSE series are also its known types. Titan’s Edge is claimed to be the world’s slimmest wrist watch having a total thickness of 3.5 mm and a movement of 1.15 mm. So, in terms of technology, Titan is way ahead of its competitors in the market.

Titan also owns a variety of touch screen watches under the popular brand Sonata which is named as ‘Super Fibre Ocean Series’ at the very reasonable price range. The touch screen watch has three different touch zones right on the display screen and has one single physical button towards the outer side. It is available in a variety of colors. Titan Industries is India’s top manufacturer of wrist watches and the world’s fifth largest manufacturer of watches including a large number of sub-brands like Titan, Raga, Orion, Nebula, Tycoon, Octane and much more.

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