Top 10 AC Brands to Ward Off the Scorching Heat

Now that summer is already here, you might be finding ways to keep the scorching heat at bay. And the best way out is an air conditioning system. And, the best part is that ACs not only cool the air, but also take care of energy and humidity factors.

So, if you are planning to buy a new air conditioner for your home or for your office, take a look at the top 10 Air Conditioner brands in India.

top 10 air conditioners in India

10. Videocon

The MNC is known to be the third-largest electronics goods producer in the world. In India, it has 17 plants that manufacture electronic goods. It also has roots in China, Mexico, Poland and Italy.

9. Haier

Haier is Chinese manufacturer and its models come in all range and sizes. The brand offers affordability, efficiency and reliability. Besides, they are all energy rated, so they do not even burn a hole in your pocket.

8. LG

LG provides you with good air conditioners with a warranty of 10 years. Apart from that, its air conditioners have a self-cleansing system as they are inbuilt with dust-removal coils.

They are also energy rated and take care of temperature of the room. The air conditioners are not only stylish, but eco-friendly as well.

7. Voltas

The company is an all rounder in electronic goods and products. They have come up with all-weather ACs that can be used in any kind of weather as they are engineered in such a manner to keep a check on temperature, humidity and filtration system.

6. Panasonic

They stand true to their tagline – ideas for life! The Japanese giant is known for its eco-friendly products and well-engineered designs.

5. Blue Star

Another brand that is widely used in India and is the biggest central air conditioning company in India. They rule the commercial and industrial markets with their wide array of products in electronics.

4. Carrier

The company was found by Dr. Willis Carrier in 1995 who is also the inventor of modern air conditioning systems. It is a part of United Technologies Corporation, USA. They are also the largest suppliers of air conditions and heating systems in addition to refrigerators.

3. Hitachi

It is name known for its highly reliable products and it has been in the market for over 100 years now. It is a trusted brand in commercial areas and has modern infrastructures in all its products.

The eco-friendly manufacturer also takes into consideration power generation and recycling. They truly inspire the next!

2. O’General

It is known mainly in India and Middle East countries. Its air conditioners are known to work at high temperatures as well and have a strong body and longer performance. It basically produces two types of air conditioners – high-wall split AC and ceiling-wall split AC.

1. Daikin

The innovative global leader is known to be largest provider of advanced air conditioning systems in all aspects, whether residential or industrial. They have redefined the limits of comfort and power generation put together. All their products are technologically and aesthetically designed and deliver maximum comfort and performance.

It is good idea to switch to ACs but you must keep the energy ratings in mind while buying one.

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