Top 10 Garden Design Tips That Actually Works
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Top 10 Garden Design Tips That Actually Works

Creating a gorgeous garden for your home is one of the most difficult tasks, but once the work is done your house will look much more charming and beautiful. Even a small project for your balcony or front yard, the decoration can tremendously change the feeling your house showed to everyone. Trends Buzzer shares you some ideas on how to decorate your gardens and enjoy the time spent in it even more. We narrowed down a list of 10 tips which show you how simple and cheap could improve your garden.

Front yard gives people the first impression for a home

According to professional landscaping designers, flowers that cover 7% to 10% of the area of your front yard or backyard make the site look impressive and inviting. Attractive house entrance, front door or balcony designs are important signs to show your welcome for your guest as well as your artistic and loving nature. Adding green plants and flowers to your house exterior can give a fine first impression for your home.

Place some stepping stones


Stone has been used for garden furniture for thousands of years and some of the most beautiful gardens feature pieces of stone furniture which look absolutely gorgeous even if they are hundreds of years old.

Natural stone cobbles are environmentally sound, recyclable, non-slip, everlasting material which requires almost no maintenance. Cobblestone are widely used for decorative purposes due to its natural beauty. They provide a great effect when used in the same color around the garden.

Cobbles simply enhance garden design. They are available in many colors, shapes and sizes. You can get a nice collection of cobbles at With a large selection of Cobbles‚ they will be able to provide the right material for the effect and visual look that you desire. They are known for:

  • High strength
  • Rugged texture
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Longer life
  • Carved from quality stones

Make your fence different

Few people decorate the fence. if you pay attention to it, it can show you a totally different decoration from others.

Creative balcony and wall decorating

A green wall or fences, miniature garden on your balcony or porch are environmentally friendly, simple and easy decorating ideas.

Recycling ideas for unique garden

If you have children, you may have a try for this idea. You can find something fun for children to play with.

Backyard is the place where you can enjoy quiet and calm

Backyard is another out of house place where offer you sunshine and quiet. You can design some pavilion with furniture and vines so that you can have a wonder sunbath without being affected by the ultraviolet rays. Or, you may arrange here as a quiet place with waters and stones.

Add calming elements

It creates relaxing sound that relaxes your mind after facing a hectic schedule of your life. Outdoor naps will be great if you have that. A garden of flower call butterfly in a day and makes a sound of cricket at night.

Paving Stones

Paving stones are stones that are used to pave an area. A well designed front garden, patio, pathway and driveway can create a great first impression and add value to your home. There are a number of stones that are used for paving like reclaimed setts, sandstone, limestone and granite. They have high strength, good abrasion resistance and low water absorption capability. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors to create beautiful landscape designs for patio, driveway or walkway. You can check out this site for more details on reclaimed stones.

Make your own swim pool

You could swim while staring at your garden of flower, it is soothing and fresh your mind.

Decorate your backyard with bamboo

Bamboo garden is a tradition which is adopted from Japanese culture, which is often located on the backyard. The bamboo tree is usually a few and small in size. It is means to make the space looks larger. You can get good effect if using it properly.However, it needs a large amount of budget for this decoration. If this is not your trouble, do not think twice to make this bamboo garden in your backyard.

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