Top 10 Office Supplies and Their Uses

There are a host of essential office supplies and accessories, which can help to make your day-to-day activities at your workplace seamless. In the current discourse, 10 such important office supplies have been listed.

Your overall productivity at your office does not only depend on your personal sincerity and efficiency levels, you also need to have all the necessary office supplies ready at hand so that your daily tasks do not get the chance of eating into your work-hours.

top 10 office supplies

There is no reason to assume that a computer and an advanced label printer are all that you need at your workstation. Smaller items, like pincushions and paper clips, also figure prominently in the list of essential office supplies. Given below is a brief overview of the supplies that can boost up your efficacy at work:

1.  Paper

Probably the most basic office supply ever. You need to have notepads, letterhead pads, message books, and other high-quality paper for taking printouts, on your office desk. Sticky notes are also important in the daily scheduling of official tasks.

2.  Calendar and Planner

As a corporate employee, you will probably need to schedule/attend meetings with clients and colleagues pretty frequently.

Have a table calendar on your office desk on which you can mark the date of such important appointments. You should also maintain a planner for the same purpose. Having a digital diary with you also helps!

3.  Marking and Labeling

If you are in the manufacturing business, marking your products is something you will need to do on a regular basis. Have a label printer on your desk, and print permanent labels – as and when required.

4.  Cabinets and Drawers

These are not office supplies, in the truest sense of the word. However, they are of immense value as convenient storage solutions. If you keep misplacing the necessary office supplies, you will grow frustrated pretty soon!

5.  Stapler and Stapler Pins

Yes, most of your tasks will probably be done over the electronic medium, but that does not take anything away from the importance of maintaining all the important paper documents at office. Have a stapler on your desk, with a few spare boxes of pins in the drawers. They can come in handy anytime!

6.  Pens and Markers

As a corporate employee, you will probably need to sign a number of documents everyday – apart from, of course, taking notes, as and when required.

Will you be asking your colleagues to lend you a pen every time? Please refrain from doing so, and have a few pens and permanent markers on your desk.

7.  Envelopes

Corporate envelopes, with the name and logo of your company on them, is yet another ‘must-have’ office supply. Sending out official communications should never take up too much time, right?

8.  Card holders

Your business cards might get misplaced, if you leave them lying around haphazardly on your desk – or worse still, forget them at home.

Have a card holder near you, where you can keep these cards. Handing them out to clients/business visitors will become a whole lot easier.

9. Paper Shredders

When a particular document is no longer of any official value, it is essential to get rid of it, in a systematic manner. Do not simply litter your office area with crumbled balls made of such documents. Have a paper shredder instead, and make sure that it is being used in a safe manner.

10.  Adhesives

You might need to stick multiple pieces of paper together, without having the option of stapling. A high-quality glue stick can come to your rescue in such cases. Adhesives can also help you in sticking the mouth of envelopes properly.

11.  Recycled paper

As already mentioned, paper is something that you will need in plenty at office. Why not add a touch of environment-friendliness in them? Keep a stock of fine-quality recycled paper on your desk, and use them for select purposes.

Having spacious file holders also help in bringing an organized feel to your workstation. Arrange all your office supplies – right from the label printer to the stapler pins – in a manner that they can be used at any time, with minimum of fuss. That way, you will really be able to function at your efficient best!

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