Top 3 Reasons More People are Getting Into Yoga

Top 3 Reasons More People are Getting Into Yoga

Yoga is nothing new. In fact, it is literally thousands of years old. Despite its lengthy history, many people still do not really understand what yoga is all about. Some people think yoga is just a religious practice. Some think that it is just about meditation, and some people think it is just a stretching routine that can’t provide any real calorie burn or muscle toning.

The truth is, yoga can be exactly what you need it to be. It is a very versatile type of workout that does have its origin in religious practice and can provide meditation benefits for those who are looking for that. However, yoga can also serve as a simple, calorie-blasting workout that provides great stretching opportunities as well. Keep reading to learn the top 3 reasons more people are getting into yoga. 

Increased Flexibility

One of the top contributors to most sports-related injuries is the lack of flexibility. This is especially a problem for men, who like to focus more on muscle strengthening than on muscle lengthening. Flexibility is one of the best ways to protect yourself from injuries. Stretching practice also helps to reduce sore muscles after hard workouts or sports.

Decreased Stress

Stress is a huge contributing factor to many health problems today. Finding sustainable ways to shed stress each week is crucial to your overall health. The problem is that many people choose destructive ways to shed their stress. Yoga provides a healthy stress-reducing activity which also has many other benefits tied in as well. Many yoga practices will work in some mindfulness, breathing techniques, and even meditation for those who are interested. Yoga can be a great way to get yourself acquainted with these practices if you have never explored this area before.

Increased Muscle Tone

This is one of the hidden benefits of yoga. Many people do not realize that yoga actually provides quite the muscle workout during any given session. Most yoga sessions move slowly and so people think it wouldn’t provide much of a workout. The secret is that although the session moves slowly, you will be holding certain positions for a long time. You will be lifting your body weight in ways you normally would not. All of this contributes to better muscle tone over time. The other great thing is that this type of slow gentle muscle toning does not damage your muscles in the same way that some harder hitting strength training does.

If you are interested in getting acquainted with yoga, take some time to find a great class nearby, or check out some YouTube videos if you’d prefer to learn alone. It is very important to have comfortable clothes designed for yoga practice, such as compression yoga pants with pockets, investing in a quality yoga mat and other accessories will help you be better prepared for this new fitness journey.

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