Top 5 Career Advice Myths That Needs to Be Busted

There are some career advises that make rounds over us again and again. While choosing our career, most of our relatives, close friends and even neighbors give us tips on choosing the right career path. But, the bitter truth is plenty of those career advises are not true. We bring you some of the famous career myths that you should ignore.

Most Popular Career Advice Myths

Career advice myths busted

1.  College Degree will get You a Job

This is one advice almost all of us get during our school days. It is advised from our parents and our elder siblings that if you will get a professional degree, you will easily find a job. But, the hard fact is that career is not so clearly defined.

Professional degrees are no longer a way to your dream job(or even a decent job) as they use to be in your father’s graduating time. Over the years, trend has been changed and now companies look for experienced employees that leave young professionals unemployed for long time.

This confuses graduates who often feel that they were given this career advice and were promised to get a job. Unfortunately, they are not able to get it as they would have imagined while choosing their career.

2.  Do What You Love, Money will Follow

This is a career advice that sounds very interesting and good initially. But, the hard reality of life is not all passions give us daily bread and butter. Take poetry or painting as a career, you will find it very difficult to get a job in these genre.

In fact, very lucky ones get their passion fulfilled but not the majority ones. So, it does not have to be your passion but a job that you find considerably happier to choose as career.

3.  Start Your Own Business

Starting your own business as a career advice usually comes to ones those who don’t have the financial privileges to overcome the expenses of heavy professional degrees. Taking business as your career option with no background experience is actually a wrong thing to do.

You have to have something to sell your products and consumers prefer you rather than your competitors. This career option is definitely not for everyone. The challenges that come in business career sometimes get beyond the control of anyone.

4.  Masters in University will Lead to Career Path

This career advice is given to those who are doing graduation in arts subjects. Most of the students have this mindset that masters will lead them to right career paths. More often than not, you get a totally different job in this aspect.

You may have studied English for lecturer, but end up in HR, or a music enthusiast but end up selling ads. Degrees in engineering, medical sciences and technology are more likely to pointing you towards a well defined career path.

5.  If You are not Sure of Your Goals, Go to Graduation School

Graduation school definitely makes sense if you want to go for a career path that requires an advanced professional degree. Otherwise, if you are going for graduation schools only to be hoping that it will lead you to a right career path. Then it is a waste of your time and money.

You will end up having large student loans and nothing much to pay back. So, think wisely about your career and choose the appropriate path for your better future.

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