Top 5 Countries To Study Abroad For Best Career Options

It’s not surprise anymore that the level of unemployment has been on the rise since 1995 and consequently, many students are planning to move abroad for a better job, future and new opportunities. However, most of them do not know exactly where they should go in search of a better job or place, because they are not sure of which countries provide the best work-life opportunities.

top 5 countries to study abroad

Well, we have sorted out the top 5 countries to study abroad in 2016-17, so students can make their dreams come true. As per the research and studies conducted on many students from various countries, in different colleges and institutions, we have listed the following Top 5 countries which offers the best options to the students.

1. Australia

This country hosts the bulk of students who head abroad for short-term career options because it not only speaks English, but also because it offers more generous visa programs for those who want to work there as compared to other destinations.

Western Australia offers the most opportunities because it is home to the mining boom. However, students should consider the cost of living in this country before heading there because it is slightly higher than that of the UK.

2. New Zealand

Just like Australia, this country plays host to most of the students who go abroad for short term work, because it also speaks English and offers more generous visa programs for those who want to work there.

Queenstown, Wellington, and Auckland offer the usual hospitality roles. Christchurch on the other hand offers construction jobs. Alternatively, students can work in the stunning landscapes of this country by opting for agricultural work.

3. Canada

The economy of this country was not affected by the banking crash that the US and Europe suffered from and hence, it is relatively strong. For this reason, the International Experience program in Canada can enable students to work there for two years.

The Canadian High Commission says that this program has remained extremely popular this year. Various sectors, specifically those that are in the hi-tech gaming industry are offering career opportunities for students. According to a commission spokesperson, the hospitality and construction sectors need very many workers and hence, students have many career options there.

4. United States

This country has very stringent visa restrictions. It does not offer a working holiday program like the one New Zealand and Australia offer to students. You can therefore apply for a visa only if you have a job offer.

However, if you are between 18 and 26 years old, a “J-1” visa option is available for you. It allows you to work as an Au pair for a maximum of one year and it can be extended if all goes well.

5. Germany

This country does not have any visa restrictions and hence, all students from EU countries can look for work there. It is much better as compared to the Nordic nations, which have high living costs, and Italy or Spain, which have high youth unemployment.

Unemployment in Germany is lower as compared to Britain. Students can use the job centers in Germany to search for work. Travel companies that will gladly employ students are many and hence, they should improve their chances by perfecting their German because it helps a lot.

It is more difficult for students to find the best career options if they do not know the countries that offer them. Fortunately, the aforementioned countries can make the task much easier for them.

Hence, if you are one of these students and you have decided to relocate to the US, you should engage a reliable ESTA application service as soon as possible so that you can move there as quickly as possible.

Thanks for reading. If you are a student studying abroad, and want to share your feedback about the country, please do so by leaving comments below. We are waiting for your thoughts. Thanks..

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