Mens Jewelry Trends 2020

Watches to Chains – Top 5 Men’s Jewelry Trends for All Age Groups

In the past, stylish pocket watches, peculiar pins and brooches, gold cigarette cases, beautiful cufflinks, smart tie-clips, and bespoke suits with gemstones were fair indicators of a man with a high degree of sophistication and elegance. While some men inherited jewelry and wore it because it had sentimental value, others simply loved the shine and bling. While this trend certainly hasn’t died out, it has metamorphosed itself into various forms.

Today, men sport jewelry as a sign of power, status, exuberance, style, prosperity, faith, and more. Thanks to the massive variety of men’s jewelry that has flooded the markets, it is a problem of plenty rather than a rarity.

On that note, we have handpicked some timeless pieces of jewelry that are apt for men of all ages. Since the options are endless and picking jewelry for men can get really confusing, we have narrowed it down to five categories that we think offer the best diversity and choices for people from all age groups.

Watches – Where form meets function

Wristwatches are always all the rage, no matter what the age! From leather straps to solid gold bands, and from stainless steel dials to diamond-studded dual-chronograph dials, the options are unlimited today. Whether you need something for special occasions or a watch that goes seamlessly with your formal attire, or even something that you can casually wear with a pair of shorts and a tee, you can find a multitude of choices online. Explore trendy watches from Gucci, Rolex, Joe Rodeo, and more.

Earrings – One or two, it’s up to you

They say that size hardly matters when it comes to making a statement with men’s jewelry. And this holds true particularly in the case of earrings. Even the smallest pair of diamond studs can really stand out and grab eyeballs. Modern earrings for men include studs of all sizes and shapes, including kite, cube, halo, cluster, square, star, and more. And as if that wasn’t enough, you get even more diverse shapes and designs with gold earrings. Regardless of your age or wardrobe choices, earrings are perhaps the most versatile type of men’s jewelry.

Bracelets – Your wrist needs a companion

From high school kids and college students to celebrities and officegoers, bracelets have always been in vogue across age groups. Contemporary designs include gold, diamond, bead, and stainless-steel bracelets that appeal to people with different tastes. Gone are the days when such jewelry would be reserved for bold hipsters and the mafia – today, you can easily find a bracelet design that is in line with your unique style, taste, and preference.

Chains and pendants – The first thing they will notice about you

When it comes to accessorizing, the terms “men’s jewelry” and “neck chains” are always spoken in one breath. 14k gold rope chains and 10k gold rope chains are among the most sought-after types of neck chains and for good reason. Not only do you get an incredible variety in terms of styles, designs, metal color, and thickness, but what makes them so irresistible is the fact that gold chains go with almost all kinds of clothing. Formal, casual, traditional, extravagant, athletic, or old school – no matter what your preferred look is, a quality 10k or 14k gold rope chains can accentuate your irresistibility quotient! When paired with a subtle, good-looking pendant, it works like a charm.

Crosses – In the cross is life and the ladder to heaven

The good old holy cross has had its own place not only in history and religion but also in jewelry. If you like to flaunt your faith or simply wish to wear a cross around your neck because it looks good, here are some excellent diamond cross designs you can choose from. Again, as is the case with the four jewelry categories mentioned above, a Jesus cross, too, is an age-agnostic piece of jewelry that anyone can wear.

Subtle or extravagant? Simple or eccentric? Minimalistic or over the top? Timeless or ultramodern?

There are many ways to define your style and pick jewelry accordingly. Remember, the key lies in treating your jewelry as a way of self-expression – if the jewelry you choose to wear reflects your personality, there is no bigger charmer than that!

So Icy Jewelry offers the widest selection of authentic men’s jewelry, including 14k gold chains, 10k gold rope chains, diamond earrings, gold pendants, silver bracelets, crosses, and diamond wristwatches. Explore our contemporary men’s jewelry collection and take your pick now!

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