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Top 7 Android Apps For Taking Beautiful Selfies

In the modern life, it has become a trend to name the latest trends and technologies with short and crisp names such as sci-fi, HiFi, and WiFi. The latest addition is the selfie, which is a photograph of the self, taken with the help of your smartphone, tablet, or a digital camera. Nowadays, there are special sticks (selfie sticks) and stands available that facilitates better photos without needing anyone.

Selfies are commonly used to share on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and various others. What’s funny is the fact that it has types as well – if only person is involved then it is termed as a selfie or if more than one person is involved then it is called ‘wefie’, ‘Usie’, and ‘Groufie’. So, if you are one of those self-crazy people and wondering how you can take the best selfies, then here is the list of best android apps helping you take awesome selfies.

1. Retrica

This is one of the popular apps for taking selfies and it comes with more than 100 real-time filters. These filters certainly come handy while you are taking selfies. The app comes with a private album functionality allowing you to make your own album with your friends or loved ones. This really makes it convenient to share, on different social media platforms, all those precious moments you have captured.

The app also packs in various other functionalities such as collage with a number of layouts and photo editor helping you to enhance your photos and also converting your images into GIF. Some of the key features of the app are –

  • A wide range of collage layouts and real-time filters.
  • Create selfie GIF with the help of collage or video.
  • Comes with more than 100 stickers, so that you can decorate both your selfie and video.
  • Provision of embedding a personal message in your selfie.

2. Camera360

This one is an all-in-one camera and photography app. It lets you take beautiful selfies and comes with customisable filters, sketch stickers, cartoon effects, etc. In addition to clicking impressive selfies, it also helps you to edit your photos and above all, it is easy to use.

The beauty camera will help you stylise your pictures with the help of selfie filters such as attractive lips, big eyes, slimmer face, and slim nose as well. Some of the key features of the app are –

  • A wide variety of stickers for the pictures and they are categorised under emoji faces, music stickers, under sketch, and smart.
  • Make a collage using layouts, grids, and frames.
  • Choose between manual and automatic options.
  • A variety of editing options.
  • A variety of camera styles, enabling you to take different photos.
  • Swift and quick to respond.

3. Candy Camera

The best thing about this app is that it offers you a wide variety of face optimisation methods such as facelift, eyeliner, face softening, lipstick, whitening, and various other features to help you capture stunning selfies. The app has various real-time filters for realistic looking selfies and with many varied photography conditions that will help you make your skin look more pleasing.

Once you have clicked a selfie, you can also personalise with the help of stickers as per the occasion and event. Every sticker is resizable and it will help you to add a different look to your photos. Key features of the app are as follows –

  • All those filters you use regularly can be easily added to your favourites for quick access.
  • There is a Silent Mode allowing you to take selfies silently.
  • Abundance of real-time filters and numerous stickers designed especially for selfies.
  • You can also take multiple photos for a collage. You get to make a choice from various styles and grids.

4. Cymera

With over 100 million downloads, it is one of the feature-rich selfie apps. It comes with professional like filters so that you can click remarkable photos. You also don’t have to spend extra time selecting the best filter as every filter is designed in a manner to give your selfies a natural look. You can also download additional selfie filter packages within the app.

While taking a selfie, the app provides you with different camera lenses such as fisheye, lomo, divided lenses, and various other features such as – timer, blurry backgrounds, anti-shake, touch-to-shoot and various others to enhance your shooting proficiencies. Since it is a feature-rich app, following are its key features –

Ideal for natural-looking glow

  • Best professional beauty tools such as softening and slimming.
  • Steps to find perfect skin makeover.
  • Apply selfie filters and effects.

Professional Filters

  • Cool selfies with 130 filters.
  • Creating your own filter collection.
  • Special features to make your photos look lively.

Camera lenses and silent mode

  • Different camera lenses.
  • Anti-shake, timer, touch shooting.
  • Click your photos silently using silent mode.

Editing Tools

  • Different designs of watermark.
  • Advanced red eye removal function.
  • Brightness, contrast, crop, and rotate features.

5. BeautyPlus

You can use this app to capture photos and video selfies with great ease. With over 100 million downloads this app comes with a wide variety of features and functionalities. It also comes with a newly upgraded AnimeCam, enhancing your selfie experience. If you are really looking to take natural and beautiful looking photo, then you need to have this app on your smartphone. If you are making edits also, they are so subtle that they are unnoticeable.

One of the key features of the app is its auto-retouch feature. As per this feature, you can automatically edit both your videos and pictures with the help of a wide variety of filters and effects. Following are some of the key features of the app –

Perfect Eyes

  • Removing bags and dark circles under your eyes.
  • Brighten your eyes.
  • Editing the colour of your eyes to match your hair colour.

Skin Editor

  • The camera adds a radiant complexion for selfies.
  • Retouching skin tone with skin smoothing makeover tool.

6. Line Camera

This app is also no different from the rest of the apps mentioned above. This app will also allow you to click selfies, create photo collage, record videos, and you can even edit the photos stored on your smartphone or tablet. So, are you wondering how this app is different from others? The main differentiating element of this app is that it comes with a wide variety of live filters, sticker stamps, beauty features, and brushes. Best features of the app are –

  • In order to stylise your photographs, you can use animated stamps, classy text, lively stickers, and trendy brushes.
  • There are live filters and beauty effects specially designed for selfies.
  • Adding text to your pictures.
  • The app offer support for multiple languages such as – German, English, Italian, French, Portuguese, Russian, etc.

Best Me Selfie Camera

With the help of this app, you can take selfies and also edit your photos with the help of various tools and picture enhancing options. The app packs in over 100 type of filters and effects, making your selfies trendy & stylish. Some of the stickers and filters are designed for special occasions and events.

The app has some exclusive filters with effects such as halo and mirror. You will also get an option of emoji-grid photos, blur effects, selfie stick support with this app. The upcoming features include – Android Wear support and real-time filters for video.

  • Real-time face-recognition filters.
  • Capture photos with emoji.
  • Over 100 real-time filters.

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