Ladies nights in Dubai

Top 7 Wine And Dine Spots For Ladies In Dubai

Ladies’ nights have become an established tradition in Dubai. Typically held on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday nights; it is a way for dining establishments to draw in the drinking crowd during the quieter days of the week. However, there are also plenty of dining establishments that reserve Fridays and weekends as ladies’ nights as well.

Are you looking for a place to hang out with your female friends this week? Here are a few places to check out when it comes to ladies’ nights in Dubai. Included in this list is an assortment of restaurants, grills, pubs and bars that offer glasses of wine, champagne, cocktails and other alcoholic drinks.

1. White Dubai

Dance and drink the night away at the White Dubai. Considered as one of the best clubs in the region, it is one outdoor venue that ladies should not miss when visiting this vibrant city. Bring your female friends along for a night filled with free sushi and drinks. White Dubai offers double the fun for ladies as they can choose to party all night long from two different branches and two separate days of the week.

2. Embassy Empress Night

High up on the Grosvenor House at the Dubai Marina sits the Embassy. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are reserved for the empresses of the region. During these two days, ladies can get food and up to 3 drinks at no cost.

3. China Grill’s Madame Butterfly

For a truly fun night without any frills, check out the China Grill. Tuesday nights are ladies’ nights here. Unlike other clubs which offer a limited amount of drinks for their female patrons, the China Grill offers unlimited access to their selection of alcoholic beverages.

4. Nola Eatery & Social House

Party like you were back in Louisiana here at the Nola Eatery & Social House. Every Tuesday from 6 p.m. until midnight, you can head over to Nola’s to enjoy up to four free wine cocktails. Invite your friends to drink, wine and dine with you and you can expect your group’s bill to be sliced in half. Right before the party starts, you can also enjoy copious amounts of beignets and coffee for free.

5. Bazxar’s Gossip Sundays

Ladies, you can start your work week right and catch up on all of the latest gossip here at Bazxar. Grab your friends and enjoy unlimited amounts of wine from 8 p.m. onwards during Gossip Sundays. Dance your worries away to some casual tunes played by the in-house DJ.

6. Maine Oyster Bar and Grill’s Clam Jam

Open some clams every Wednesday from 8 in the evening until midnight. Besides shelled seafood, ladies can help themselves to bottles of their popular red, white and rose wines during the Clam Jam.

7. She’s With Us at the Noir

End your work week by taking a trip to the Noir cocktail bar located at the Kempinski Hotel. Every Thursday from 9 p.m. until midnight, ladies can drink wine to their heart’s desire for a small sum of 100 AED.

Before you go out for a drink

Although the region is predominantly Muslim, some rules have been relaxed to accommodate the wishes of the growing community of foreigners in the region. One of these rules involves drinking alcohol. In Dubai, visiting foreigners are allowed to drink as long as they do so in licensed bars, hotels and restaurants.

For people living in Dubai, however, a liquor licence is required. Applying for a liquor licence is a relatively straightforward process. Besides filling up the required application form, applicants only need to submit a few documents and pay the 270 AED processing fee. Once done and you have received your licence, you are now free to drink for up to a year using the same licence.

For all the female tourists in currently in Dubai or for those who have plans to explore the city, be sure to take careful note of these regulations so you can enjoy all of what the city has to offer.

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