Top 5 Foods for Strong, Thick & Healthy Hair

Genetics, hormone levels, age, climate, and nutrition… These factors are crucial when it comes to your hair health, strength, and thickness. Nutrition is one of the few elements in this chain you can actually control in order to enhance the way your strands look and ‘feel’.

Whether you were born with thin or thick tresses, your hair health is most likely among your priorities. That’s where opting for the best foods for healthy hair comes into play. At, we often discuss some of the most effective ways to make your hair stronger using natural treatments.

Feel free to head to our blog or just read on for more details on boosting your hair health to salon-worthy locks. And before you splurge on professional hair treatments to get the gorgeous strands you want, consider including the following foods in your diet.

1. Nuts: They Will Salvage Your Crowning Glory

Top 5 Foods for Thick Hair

Brazil nuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, cashew… Snack on any of these nuts on a regular basis to enhance your hair health. Brazil nuts, for example, are rich in selenium, a mineral that boosts hair growth. Almonds contain a variety of nutrients (vitamin E, B vitamins, zinc, etc) that prevent hair loss. Don’t forget about pistachio nuts, for they are a treasure of natural iron, which is a must for strong, healthy strands.

2. Eggs: They Are Rich in Protein and Biotin

Load up on eggs if keeping your strands healthy and shiny for as long as possible is one of your goals. The thing is, eggs are packed with biotin and protein, two nutrients that are vital for hair growth. So make sure you eat cooked eggs — or smear raw eggs on your hair while washing your strands to boost your overall scalp health.

3. Berries: Super Powerful for Hair Growth

Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries… Berries boast nutrient power that encourages hair thickness and growth immensely. They contain vitamin C, which stimulates blood circulation on the scalp. Furthermore, berries are loaded with vitamin B, which prevents gray strands and hair loss.

4. Spinach: Natural Hair Conditioner

Spinach is a fantastic source of iron, protein, omega-3 fatty acids, as well as vitamin A and C. These nutrients nourish your scalp and hair, increasing hair growth. In addition to this, spinach is rich in sebum, which conditions your hair naturally and prevents dryness.

Top 5 Foods for Strong Hair

5. Avocado: Strengthens Your Hair Naturally

Avocado is delish, nutritious, and rich in hair growth-promoting vitamins. Aside from tickling your taste buds, avocado will nourish your hair with vitamins, encourage hair growth, and reduce scalp inflammation. For more details on strengthening your hair, feel free to visit

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