Top SEO Tools and Techniques for 2018

Top SEO Tools and Techniques for 2018

With webmasters and SEO agencies discovering more potential in the power of SEO, the SEO game in 2018 is expected to include high advanced tools and approaches so as to remain relevant in the modern digital market.

Understanding SEO

All search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and many others have a search result page where websites, local listing and video content are displayed when a user searches for a particular phrase. The suggestions on the result pages are ranked according to what the search engines considers authoritative and relevant to the users based on the search query. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to all efforts aimed at improving your website’s rankings on the search engine result page. The search engine ranking rules may change from time to time based due to the ever changing consumer needs. SEO professionals must remain updated with such rules and trends so as to design and implement campaigns that are more efficient and affective to the business. If you are an agency or a webmaster looking forward to take your SEO campaigns to a higher performance in 2018, we have analysed a few techniques and SEO tools for you.

Advance 2018 SEO Tools

1. SEO Rank Tracker – Serpbook rank tracker is one of the most reliable and cost effective tools that help you track your ranking across 3 major search engines. Tracking your position on the SERP helps you to examine your SEO activities and identify what is working for you and what is not. The user friendly tracking solution allows you to monitor your local and global keyword ranking in Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube and Google Maps in real time. Some of the major features include:

  • Customized Automated Reports – In PDF, excel and email formats using the white label dashboard.
  • Local and regional rank tracking.
  • Simple ranking reports sharing.
  • Real time alerts.
  • Multi-user management.
  • API integration.
  • Keyword Research and grouping.

2. Keyword Tool – This is the 2018 best keyword research solution that can generate 1000+ suggestions on a single phrase. The tool uses Google auto complete to predict most searched phrases and also finds hidden keywords in the Google keyword planner. The advanced solution accumulates accurate keywords for ads campaigns, monitors third party tools such as Ad Words to generate competition level and provides global SEO ranking monitoring in over 83 languages.

3. Moz SEO Tools – Moz is one of the oldest SEO tools in the market today that offers useful features for SEO experts. It provides open site explorer (OSE) tool and the keyword explorer tool. OSE helps you know specific webpage ranking and how the overall site is performing on search engines and the source of the site traffic. It can also be used to monitor rivals SEO campaigns and use the information to better your performance. The keyword explorer assists in keyword research through keyword suggestions and SERP analysis. It also reveals the top brand mentions with 20 free search terms per month.

4. Ahrefs – This is a more complex SEO tools that provides a multi-dimensional SEO analysis and research. The solution enables website analysis, keyword management, content monitoring and backlink profiles. The tool is more ideal for large enterprises and digital marketing agencies with a growing list of diversified and continuous SEO needs.

5. SEMRush – One of the useful toolkits for SEO experts. It offers numerous competition research and analysis options ranging from PPC recommendations, keyword suggestions, content analysis to backlink reports among many others. However the tool is paid for with plans starting at $100 but the cost is worthwhile owing to the many benefits it brings.

Effective 2018 SEO Techniques

SEO techniques keep changing based on the market demands and search engine ranking rules. The tricky part is that changes may happen without your knowledge and you could be using an obsolete method that could affect your efforts negatively. For these reasons, SEO professionals and digital marketers need to be on the look to identify changes and new SEO trends. Here are a few SEO techniques that will work for you in 2018:

  • Business Evaluation And Website Analysis

Successful SEO is a journey of many steps. To boost your SEO effectiveness you should first examine your current website and the type of business you are involved in. This takes a close look at your site architecture, content analysis, your target customers and your overall business objectives. This will help you decide on the best way to market your site to the customers.

  • Establish Personalized SEO goals and plan

Based on the business and site analysis list your short, medium and long term SEO goals and develop a realistic SEO strategy to achieve your goals. This involves finding the most appropriate keywords that your target customers are looking for, content development tactics, choosing the right SEO tools and how to test the effectiveness of your campaign.

  • Choosing and Setting up SEO Tools

There are many SEO tools and software that can help you actualize your SEO plan by simplifying your tasks and quickening the SEO workflow. You should first decide on the best tools, systems and dashboard based on your personalized needs to execute your custom-made strategy. Such tools include keyword management solutions, analytics software, competitor spy tools and performance monitoring tools that will aid in implementation and evaluation of your SEO strategy. The right tools should give you a full overview in every step of your campaign. There many SEO tools to choose from, many having overlapping use and price. One tool could be best for one thing while the other is best for another. It is important to figure out and test different tools to identify the best based on your required features and SEO budget. In some cases a free tool could be more effective than premium paid for tool.

  • Execute the SEO strategy

This involves on-page optimization, website cleanup, quality content development, increase your authority and link building.

  • Practice Ongoing SEO

Monitor the performance of your SEO campaigns and make adjustments whenever and where necessary. Stay updated with SEO trends and news, track your SERP rank position, keyword research and keep track of your competitor SEO activities.

You can use the suggested tools and techniques but for better results, you can hire an SEO professional to do the work for you if your budgets allows.

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