Top Ten Headphone Brands in the World 2018

Headphone market has seen a major growth in the Indian market. When it comes to spending good money for a good audio headphone, the people in India have become more ready to spend on branded high end sets instead of using their traditional earphones that come along with the mobile handsets or portable MP3 players.

People now go in for great features including style, brand, model, category, sensitivity, impedance, etc. Let us list down the top 10 headphone brands of all time.

Top 10 Headphone Brands in the World 2016

1. Sennheiser Headphones

It is a German audio company specialized in the designing and production of wide range of both consumer and high fidelity products.

Some of the top models of its headphones include HD 25 II, HD 25 SP, HD 203, HD 205 II, and IE80. These sophisticated headphones are not only good to use but also come in an impressive packing. They have been used by music lovers as well as by professional DJs.

2. Bose Headphones

Bose is an audio giant based in based in Massachusetts, USA. The company was founded by an Indian origin entrepreneur Amar Bose. The company specializes in audio and video equipment.

Their renowned devices include speakers, headphones, amplifiers and other automotive sound systems for luxury cars. The company is known for its noise cancellation devices.

3. Sony Headphones

This Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered in Konan Minato, Tokyo, Japan is one of the most famous headphone brands in the world. Its devices are comparatively affordable for the people.

Sony is known for its Walkman range of MP3 players as well. The company has ventured in a lot of areas. It has excelled in areas right from R&D to production. These all make Sony one of the best and a comprehensive entertainment company across the globe.

4. Koss Headphones

This brand has been founded in 1953 by John C. Koss. This company is known for its stereo headphone development. Some of the famous models include the STRIVA Pro, QZ900, RUK0, and the UR40.

5. Denon Headphones

Denon is a Japanese electronics specialized in designing digital audio technology along with manufacturing high quality based and fidelity consumer audio equipment. This brand derives its origin from the famous company Onkyo. The brand is known across the globes for its topmost and unmatched quality.

6. Ultrasone Headphones

Ultrasone too is a German company famous for its great high end products like the high profile studios, DJ systems and other quality equipment. Ultrasone’s devices come with a high price tags attached to them.

7. Creative Headphones

This is another comparatively affordable company based in Singapore. Other than its headphones the company is also known for its PC speaker systems. The brand has more than 5,000 workers worldwide. Its American subsidiary is called Creative Labs.

8. BeyerDynamic Headphones

It is German audio equipment manufacturer specializes in microphones, headphones, conference systems and other wireless audio systems in the market since the year 1924.

9. Grado Headphones

Grado is based in Brooklyn, New York USA. Grado Labs specializes in dynamic open-air, supra-aural, high-fidelity headphones, which have won awards from various audio-related publications.

Some of the famous products of the company include: iGrado, GR8, and GR10 In-Ear Monitors. The products are majorly divided into five categories namely: The Prestige series, The Reference series, The Statement series and The Professional series.

10. Beats by DRE Headphones

This elite brand is known for its production of audio products and equipment. It is headquartered in Santa Monica, California. Mobile phone manufacturer HTC acquired a 50.1% majority share in Beats.

Some of the widely sold models include Beats Pro, Beats Pro Detox, Beats Studio, Beats Executive, Beats Wireless, Beats Mixr, Beats Solo, and Beats Solo HD.

Thanks for reading. If you are aware of another latest and trendiest headphones. Please do share. Your Suggestions are welcome.

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