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Modernize Your Look With These 5 Stylish Tech Accessories

As technology gets increasingly smaller, cheaper, and more powerful, we’re seeing more and more of it being integrated into every aspect of our lives, including what we wear. Unfortunately, the vast majority of wearable technology tends to stray towards the utilitarian or even cyberpunk style, not something your average person can wear without looking like they’re going to a comic-con.

Luckily, for the more fashion-forward folks out there, a convergence has occurred and there are more stylish wearable tech accessories than ever. From beautiful and functional watches to useful little gadgets that will make your life easier while adding some style to your look, here are five great accessories to take a look at.

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Kate Spade New York Selfie Button

This gold coated keychain has a handy selfie button attached that’s adorned with a chic polka-dot monogram. A heart pendant is also included for some extra high-fashion flair. The selfie button can come in handy when you want to avoid those awkward poses where your arms are all over the frame.

Fitbit Flex 2

Your standard run of the mill Fitbits tends to be rather bulky and even gaudy, especially for women’s wrists. The Flex 2, on the other hand, is not only cheaper than most Fitbits, but also very discrete and stylish. 22-karat rose gold coats the slim bangle design while the thicker tech casing handles your usual set of activity tracking tasks. The Flex 2 is also available in gold and silver for ultimate versatility.

Ringly Smart Ring

If you’ve ever wondered just how small technology has gotten, Ringly’s Smart Ring is a great example of exactly that. Hidden beneath the stylish crystal-like stone is an LED light that can alert you to notifications, texts, and calls, allowing you to keep your phone on silent all day long without worrying about annoying anyone.

 Kate Spade New York Activity Tracking Bangle

Another Kate Spade product has been included in this list because they’re simply too good to resist. This bangle is super discrete in terms of tech but stands out as a fashion accessory thanks to its chrome silver coating and large crystal cylinder design. Record steps, distance traveled, sleep cycles, and control your tunes with this affordable and easy to use activity tracker.

Rebecca Minkoff Keychain

Design-wise, this keychain is reminiscent of high fashion brands such as Givenchy and Versace but comes at a fraction of the price and has more function than simply being a keychain. Hidden within the tassel lies a USB or Lightning charging cable, allowing you to keep your smartphone running for longer. A small battery is encased in the top compartment and the entire piece is covered in a chic glitter-coated mix of bronze and black.


These accessories prove that affordability and functionality can be combined with modern style to add more to your ensemble than any plain old high-fashion piece could. Who knew being productive and efficient could look this good?

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