Travel Trends In 2023

Travel Trends In 2023 And Beyond

Expedia’s latest survey of 12,000 in 12 countries found that 65% of travelers intend to go big on their next trip. According to CNBC news, Expedia said that exciting and lavish trips are going to be the biggest travel trend all over the world. The world of travel is changing, from the way people travel to how they plan their trips.

There’s also a significant change in the way travelers think about travel, how they choose travel destinations to explore, and what to expect during a vacation. As travelers’ needs and expectations change, new travel trends are emerging. Many people will look for new travel experiences that revolve around everything, including adventure and wellness. Read on to learn more about trends in travel in 2023 and beyond.

Increasing Demand for Adventure Travel

Travelers worldwide are looking to enjoy active holidays that entail thrilling outdoor experiences, like trekking, rock climbing, cycling, rafting, and caving. And with adventure travel more accessible than ever, market experts predict it will be a growing trend now and beyond. Adventure tourism is gaining more popularity because of other factors like increasing disposable income, rapid urbanization, affordable air transportation, and social media influence.

The versatility of adventure travel is another reason it’s trending. Besides enjoying adventurous activities, adventure travel exposes tourists to different cultures. Not to mention, travelers don’t have to travel abroad to make the most of adventure travel, they can do it locally.

Epic Travel

In the post-pandemic era, many tourists are planning for epic trips to create unforgettable memories. Many travelers will plan for big trips or once-in-a-lifetime tours that last for a month or even more. These trips will involve exploring dream destinations. An awe-inspiring trip could mean going for a cruise vacation deeper in the Polar region, an Africa Safari, or flying to Australia for an unforgettable cross-country road trip.

If you prefer spending more time beach hopping and enjoying the beach life, traveling to the Mani peninsula in Greece is an excellent idea. A trip to Mani gives you an opportunity to connect with nature as you take in the beauty of the rugged terrain. The view of the traditional stone houses on top of the mountains is mesmerizing. You’ll also enjoy hopping from one beach to another, swimming, and learning the cultural lifestyle of the locals.

More Focus on Sustainable Travel

Today’s travelers are more conscious about their travel practices and how they affect the environment. As a result, sustainable travel is trending, and industry experts reveal green travel will be the norm. Sustainable tourism or ecotourism is all about traveling in a way that helps conserve natural resources, protect wildlife, and reduce global warming.

For the modern traveler, ecotourism or green travel entails choices that reduce water consumption, fuel emissions, and food wastage. This includes re-using the hotel towel for two or three days, buying reusable water bottles and bags instead of single-use plastics. Travelers are also buying locally made souvenirs and choosing trains instead of air travel. For hotels, sustainable tourism means investing more in solar energy, conserving water, serving food sourced locally, and banning single-use plastics.

Traveling has evolved over the past few years. And with the needs of travelers changing every day, travel trends will continue to change. Some trends in travel have been around and will continue to dominate. Travel trends worth following in 2023 and beyond include increased focus on sustainable travel or ecotourism, epic or once-in-a-lifetime trips, and adventure travel.

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