Travelling To The U.S. Post COVID-19 Pandemic

All The Precautions You Should Take When Travelling To The U.S. Post COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 crisis is being a bit too tough on us lately. We are slowly drifting to a world where precautionary measures like face masks, hand sanitizers, and hand gloves will become a normal day-to-day thing.


But there will be an end to all the discord which has been created by the pandemic. We will have to refer to this phase as the pre-COVID and post-COVID world. 


Traveling is not very encouraged in times in like, but if you are one of those who like to be a step ahead, then prior planning is never really a bad thing. But we all should take measures when we decide to travel even after the crisis is lessened.


The pandemic has severely hit the U.S. As per the USA COVID-19 Live map, there are 1.54 million confirmed cases, with 91,576 deaths and 289K recovered cases. It is evident that there is no other way to be safe than to be careful.


There are already way too many restrictions and guidelines to follow before you consider traveling to the U.S. But, if you are from any of the Visa Waiver Program listed countries, your job becomes so much easier.


Things To Keep In Mind


So, if you are looking to travel to the U.S. now, what should you keep in mind? Here is a look.


#1 Travel Visa


First, you need to strictly adhere to the rules and the law of the land. It roughly means that you should have proper documents along with you wherever you go. Now, as mentioned earlier, if you are going to have an ESTA travel, things become so much easier. If not, you will have to register for the regular immigration process. It is always advised to do this at least a month or two earlier if the request is unapproved.


We know that every country has its own visa/interstate rules. ESTA is simply a system that ascertains your eligibility to visit the United States. The U.S. Department for Homeland Security, along with U.S. Customs and Border Protection Officers, verifies a travelers’ eligibility upon arrival. 


You can simply apply online on the ESTA website for a visa or travel authorization. There are a few very basic requirements for the application like your complete name and aliases (if any), a verified contact number, and mailing address. They may also request for little information about your point of contact in the United States (like name and phone number).


Please note that you should travel along with the supporting documents to furnish when asked for.


#2 Practice Social Distancing


Even though it seems like we have overcome the crisis to some extent, it is always better to be cautious. Ensure to travel to less crowded places. As COVID-19 vaccines are a myth as of now, it is better to maintain social distancing even after the pandemic is over. Have proper precautions and protections while visiting the U.S.


#3 Be Prepared For Weather Conditions


Thirdly, if you are visiting during the winter, make sure you have enough proper gear to tackle the winter chills. Make sure you listen to the local radio in case of emergency or incoming storms. Storms, mainly cyclonic hurricanes, and tornadoes are frequent in the U.S., and you need to be aware of the situation ahead so that you can make proper arrangements.


#4 Avoid Junk


When you are travelling, food may seem enticing. Sure, try out local food and experience the culture, but be mindful of what you eat too. It might sound too vague, but the food is something you cannot compromise on the quality, particularly when you are traveling after such a major global crisis. If you do indulge in junk food, ensure that they have basic hygiene and do not make you sick. 


#5 Hands Off The Face, Eyes, And Mouth


Just like the doctors and health practitioners have been repeatedly repeated, keep your hands off your face, mouth, and eyes. Even when the crisis is over and things slowly come back to normal, remember to follow the necessary instructions. The virus seems to be here to stay. 


Stay Safe And Have Fun!


Make sure you follow our precautions for a safe journey across the U.S. Enjoy your post-COVID world and be happy and safe. Always remember, we are the ones responsible for our safety. Plan right, and do not forget the important documents you need to carry with you.


If we do our little parts to keep the virus from spreading, we will emerge healthier and happier at the end of this global crisis. Enjoy the trip, and do not forget to create fond memories.


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