4 Types Clothes to Bring on Your Summer Vacation

4 Types Clothes to Bring on Your Summer Vacation

Many people plan for their trips long in advance, booking hotel rooms and rental cars, all while dreaming of the getaway. However, packing clothes often gets left until the last minute, throwing in what you can before heading to the airport or car. Below are a few clothing items you can pack to keep your vacation on track!

Formal Wear

You wouldn’t want to be caught unprepared for a surprise date-night at a high-end restaurant or an invite to an unexpected event. For these situations, always pack an item or two to break out on a whim. Always versatile, womens dresses Canada and in other parts of North America are great options that fit many different events and venues. For men, be sure to bring a matching combination of a collared shirt, tie and sport coat. These three items can be used in several different combinations to work for whatever scenario may arise.

Beach Wear

No matter where you are going, most summer vacations would not be complete without a day, or several, spent around the water, whether it be the pool, beach or lake. For these days by the water, you will definitely want to have your choice of swimwear. It is also a good idea to bring a pair or two of easily interchangeable flip-flops or sandals that will allow you to move between land and water seamlessly. These options will also keep you from dealing with wet socks and shoes, or the hassle that comes with them. Lastly, a lightweight or thin top is always an excellent choice to bring and incorporate with your other water-side attire.

Active Wear

Whether its running, hiking, kayaking or a stroll around town, you may end up moving around a bit on your trip. Do make these days even more enjoyable, packing a pair of tennis shoes or hiking boots can make all the difference for your feet and keep you walking around as long as you wish. Bringing along shorts or pants designed for warm weather will also help to make sure you stay cool and comfortable while you are out enjoying your trip.

Eye Wear

If you are heading to a sunny and warm destination, you will definitely want to pack a set of sunglasses, and maybe a back-up just in case. Forgetting these could leaving you squinting all day, ruining the beautiful views and your time, not to mention the harm it could do to your eyes. Adding this small item to your luggage can truly save the day, and your vision.

Wherever your next summer strip takes you, bringing along these pieces of your wardrobe should keep you prepared and relaxed on the journey.

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