Types of Perkins Engine Parts Available Online

Types of Perkins Engine Parts Available Online

Perkins has been a subsidiary of Caterpillar since 1988. Because of that well-known brand reputation, it is no surprise that Perkins has a wide selection of parts available. There are several categories of parts. Each category offers a specific solution for vehicle owner needs.

Fuel Filters

Filters are often the first line of defense for an engine. They assure users that foreign contaminants are not traveling from the fuel into vital engine components.

Some Perkins engine parts available in this category include the total filter package. This package consists of the cartridge as well as the surrounding assembly. This package is generally the type of item that you can purchase and then readily install in your engine.

Sometimes users will be looking only for the cartridge that does the fuel screening. In this case, the user will be installing the cartridge within the larger assembly. This selection is often a good choice when doing routine maintenance on an engine.


Turbochargers can provide an increase in both performance and power for an engine. They operate by utilizing exhaust gas flow. They pull in additional air, improving the air to fuel mix. When this process happens, more power gets created from each engine stroke.

Because this process can result in higher temperatures and stress on engine parts, replacements are often required. Turbos designed by Perkins offer long life and durability throughout the turbocharger’s use.

Because turbochargers are specific to individual engines, finding the correct one is vitally essential for engine performance and longevity. That is what makes finding a fantastic online store for Perkins parts such an important task.

Water Pumps

Water pumps play a critical role in keeping an engine cool during sometimes rigorous performance needs. Replacing a water pump before it starts to fail can prevent downtime and damage to an engine.

Every water pump offers a solution for specific engine types. When you purchase a pump, it may come as a standalone component ready to install. Other pumps will offer components, screws, and brackets to help mount them to your current engine.

With so many different types of engines on the market, finding the correct kind of pump can be tricky. Having an excellent online resource that offers an extensive water pump inventory is essential.


Alternators play a crucial role in the operation of your vehicle. They take the rotational movement of the crankshaft as well as the fan belt and turn that into electricity. This electricity can then get used to power the engine as well as other electrical appliances in the vehicle.

Every engine has a specific type of alternator that it uses. Using an improper alternator can do significant damage to several components and systems within a vehicle. That is one reason why finding an online resource that offers a wide selection is critical to your engine performance.

Perkins parts get built with the highest quality and standards. They work with a variety of different engine types seamlessly to reduce engine downtime and increase engine performance.

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