8 Useful Tips For Christian Matchmaking

Are you a devoted Christian? If yes, you probably find the modern dating world too overwhelming for your conventional beliefs. Considering the nonchalant attitude of most individuals towards love, it’s no wonder no strings attached relationships have increased in popularity.

Nevertheless, Christians can take part in the online dating world by subscribing to Christian dating online sites whose members share the same religious values and attitudes towards commitment and marriage. These websites provide excellent matchmaking opportunities, as all members are united by the same faith in the Lord.

If you are still hesitant about online matchmaking, the following tips will certainly facilitate your dating journey.

Use dating websites wisely

Although most Christians believe that dating websites are supposed to be avoided when looking for a partner, some of these sites can be genuinely useful in the course of your search. Apart from the myriad of conventional dating sites, there are special websites for Christian matchmaking, particularly designed for people looking for a companion that shares the same love for God.

Furthermore, these dating platforms unite all Christian singles from everywhere in the country, thus increasing the chances to find your soulmate. Otherwise, your choice of potential partners would be limited solely to the Christian souls in your local area.

Nevertheless, these matchmaking sites shouldn’t be used solely for aimless flirting but as a way to get in touch with other people looking for commitment. Once you find a potential match, make sure you schedule a date at a public venue so as to see whether the other person is willing to step into a serious relationship. Beware of people who avoid meeting you in person and encourage a virtual type of relationship, as you need someone prepared to make your love public knowledge.

Be open to the idea of a friendship developing into a relationship

Another Christian dating tip to bear in mind is being open to the possibility of a friendship turning into a relationship. Since friendship is the pillar of every relationship, there is nothing wrong in allowing a friendly relation to evolve into something more serious.

Apart from physical attraction, the ideal partner should be compatible with you in terms of interests, faith, and godliness. Therefore, it’s completely normal to start a relationship with a Christian you share the same community interests with and you find compatible in numerous ways. Even if you don’t feel a spark of chemistry at the onset of your communication, you might be gradually attracted by its powerful faith in God.

Christian dating online

Keep in mind that physical attraction isn’t the most important thing to look for in a lifetime partner. For most Christians, godliness is the most appealing quality in people, as it serves as proof of their devotion and love for the Lord. Finding a partner that shares the same faith in God as you is more valuable than having a mate whose charm and beauty are going to fade over time.

Look for commitment

Nowadays, the largest part of the population uses dating websites to search for people interested in casual encounters, not in long-term commitment. Although an increasing number of people aren’t interested in committing to another person, a good Christian should always look for a long-term partner. No strings attached relationships aren’t worthy to waste your time on, as you’ll eventually end up disappointed. Click here to learn why commitment is an essential ingredient in every relationship.

Therefore, make sure you subscribe to Christian matchmaking sites whose aim is to help members find a long-term partner. You’re strongly advised to become a member of a paid subscription site, as these platforms are more suitable for people ready for commitment. Free websites, on the other hand, are overcrowded with inactive profiles as well as members who consider dating as a way to have fun.

Determine your desires

Considering the extensive choice of potential partners in the online dating world, it’s paramount for you to determine your preferences when it comes to choosing a companion. Most Christians look for people with a solid education, good family background, a stable job, and a nice personality. Naturally, faith is an indispensable factor to be taken into consideration, as the faith of your potential partner should match yours as much as possible.

Fortunately, Christian dating websites provide all of this information for their members by asking them to create a profile. Going through the profiles of other members can help you find a partner that fits your exact religious requirements. Also, most of the online dating platforms provide members with suitable matches by using special search filters. Some of these sites even come up with quality matches that connect members by using more than just the general characteristics.

Be yourself

The only way for other Christians to get a grasp of your personality is by presenting your true self through your dating profile. Although these sites provide the opportunity to successfully hide your flaws, there is no logic in pretending to be a different person. Being a God disciple means not being afraid of showing your faith and personality traits while expecting the same in return. Every relationship is based on trust, which is why you are recommended to be completely honest with your potential companion.

Find a true Christian

In order for you to find a soulmate, your ideal partner should be a god-loving person. Although most people accept God, not all of them are true Christians. A person who truly loves the Lord does more than attending the weekly church visits. Going to church every single Sunday isn’t proof of being a faithful disciple.

The only way to see whether your potential partner is a true Christian is by observing its actions. Make sure you learn more about its attitude towards community service and its willingness to help the less fortunate people. A person who is more than willing to spend its entire weekend volunteering in the community kitchen or offer financial support to people who genuinely need it should be worthy of your attention.

Find a partner that shares the same religious habits

When searching for the right partner, make sure he/she shares the same Christian habits. Since praying is an indispensable aspect of being a faithful disciple, it’s important to find a person that is willing to pray with you every single day. Sharing this habit with another person is a clear sign of commitment, as praying is believed to be an act of intimacy.

In addition, your potential partner is expected to be fond of church visits as much as you are, thus being your faithful companion every Sunday. The more religious habits you share the greater your commitment to each other.

Pose intimacy boundaries

Another important aspect to keep in mind when looking for a Christian partner is drawing some intimacy boundaries. Despite the temptation to give in physical intimacy, true Christians should be aware that premarital coitus is only appropriate when two disciples become united in sacred matrimony before the eyes of the Lord.

Moreover, it’s paramount to demonstrate self-control regardless of the sexual temptations that arise in the course of the relationship. Make sure you find a partner who is willing enough to wait for marriage consummation, without forcing you to give up on your beliefs.

Therefore, you are encouraged to have an open discussion on this topic in the early stages of the relationship in order to draw the required intimacy boundaries. If you aren’t clear about your opinion on physical intimacy before marriage, the other person might pressure you being intimate much sooner.

Bottom line

Although dating can be challenging for a Christian, make sure you find a partner that shares the same values, love for God, and attitude towards commitment.

The right companion is somewhere out there!

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