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Using Power Washing to Improve Your Commercial Property

In today’s world cleanliness has taken on a new level of importance. With the pandemic, people are quick to make judgements about whether a commercial property is healthy and safe. If they see parts of the building or surrounding area that look unkempt and uncared for they will instantly jump to the conclusion that it is not a good place to be. You see this reflected across office buildings, hotels and motels and apartment complexes.

As the virus has swept the land the demand for deep cleaning has risen dramatically. Cleaning services are being asked to bring a new level of care to the work that they do. Tenants who approach an office want to see evidence that everything is sparkling and looks germ-free. If they see dirty areas or built up grime then in their minds they feel unsafe.

Provide a Healthy and Germ-Free Environment

First impressions really matter these days. When a tenant in a commercial building parks and gets out of the car the first thing they do is walk to their building. If the parking lot that has caked-on dirt and oil stains and the sidewalk that hasn’t been cleaned in a while they will start to wonder whether the owner even cares about the property. They will also be expecting the exterior of the building to look new and refreshed.

In these times it’s not enough to just do regular commercial power washing. Companies will be quick to send their employees home if they feel that their work environment is not safe. By setting up a program of enhanced power washing and frequently scheduled services, you can remove the grit and grime from the parking lot, walkways and building. In turn, that will help assure tenants that they are entering a healthy environment.

Improved Rental and Lease Opportunities

When the pandemic swept in, businesses quickly had to adapt to new conditions. Many firms implemented employee work at home programs. If companies continue this policy there will be a softening in the commercial leasing market. Furthermore, the economy has put a damper on new business creation at this time.

If you are a property owner who wants to attract new rental or leasing customers, you must stand out from the crowd. By doing enhanced power washing, you can dramatically increase the curb appeal of your buildings and housing complexes. The investment in outside cleaning will translate into more leases signed and better revenues.

Reduce Potential Repair Costs

Over time repair costs can really add up on a commercial property. The outside of your buildings is subject to a variety of elements that can cause long-term issues. Acid rain, blowing dust and even smoke and ash from wildfires can discolor your building and damage the structure. In addition, bird droppings, algae and mildew can cause decay if not addressed quickly.

Regular power washing not only helps keep your buildings clean, it also removes dirt, grime and droppings that over time will result in expensive repairs. When the building is clean it’s also easier to assess its condition and see any structural issues or fixes that need to be done.

In order to make the best impression on existing and future tenants, it’s critical to keep the outside of your property and building in perfect shape. With enhanced power washing you can keep things looking like new and maximize your profits too.

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