Vertical Gardening Ideas For Your Next Home Project
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Vertical Gardening Ideas For Your Next Home Project

Whether you take an interest in plants or maintain gardens of your own, the therapeutic effects of gardening as a pastime and the beauty brought by gardening systems cannot be denied. Something about the greenery and plant arrangements can easily lend visual appeal and interest to any bare space. That said, you may be all too familiar with the frustrations of having to work with a tight space. As a gardener, you want as much design freedom as you can have, but with little space, it sometimes feels impossible to do this.

If you are struggling with a small space, it may be time to start thinking vertically. Indeed, a Vertical Garden offers a solution to the common space problem by embracing a vertical set-up. Though it may be assumed that vertical gardens will limit you to climbing plants, the truth is that you are not restricted to such plants! With the proper hanging equipment and tools, you will be able to have just as many options as you would with your regular gardening system.

If the idea of a vertical garden has you intrigued, here are some design ideas that you can consider for your indoor or outdoor space!

Herb Garden

If you enjoy cooking and have been dreaming of planting your own herbs, now is the perfect chance to try it with the vertical set-up. There are various ways for you to do this, such as through wall boxes, landscape fabrics, hanging pots, or even recycled bottles! With a proper and sturdy structure, you should be able to use pretty much any plant holder to grow your herbs. Alternatively, you can also plant a fruit or vegetable garden with a vertical system.

Edible plants are known to be excellent options for vertical gardens since they grow quickly and do not need as much maintenance. For areas with full sunlight, plants like sage, cherry tomatoes, and thyme will be suitable, while basil and parsley are ideal for areas with part shade.

Picture Frame Planter

A Vertical Garden gives you so much opportunity to create visual impact despite working with limited space. Since it sports a unique vertical arrangement, it allows you to work with flexible designs compared to the traditional gardening system. That said, you can create a picture frame planter with succulents and other greenery, then hang it to a wall inside your room. This will surely be one of the highlights in your home–something that will attract guests and get them to look at your plants!

Hanging Garden

If you live in an apartment or a small home with limited space, installing a hanging garden is the best way to maximize your space. For an indoor set-up, you can attach shelves on your walls and place plant pots on each of them, or nail some pallet boards to the wall and fix plant pots. As for an outdoor set-up, you can go for hanging terracotta planters, which give off a rustic and vintage vibe.

Staircase Stand

If you have a balcony or terrace, consider creating a wooden staircase stand and placing flowers or herbs on each level. This idea is perfect for outdoor spaces as it adds a tinge of elegance to your area. As a bonus, you can easily construct your ladder shelf with an old wooden ladder, a plank, and other basic tools.

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