Facebook Video Marketing Strategy

Semalt: Video Marketing Strategy On Facebook You Need To Know

Facebook provides one of the best platforms to post video ads. Unlike YouTube, it has a larger audience who are diverse. People prefer videos ads because they trigger the imagination. In addition, videos are more eye-catching in comparison with regular posts. Today, more than 8 billion videos are viewed on Facebook on a daily basis. If you want to expand your video presence, use Facebook.

Alexander Peresunko, the leading marketing expert of Semalt Digital Services, provides 11 tips on ways to use Facebook video for more engagement.

1. Upload Videos Directly On Facebook

Facebook videos receive attention. Research shows that Facebook videos have a higher organic reach in comparison with videos from other platforms. They perform four times better than all other platforms including YouTube.

The auto play feature on Facebook, makes users stop whatever they were doing to watch and listen to a video that they did not intend to. You do this sometimes, don’t you?

Facebook also has a view count feature. Take advantage of it because people tend to view videos that already have many views. From the data, you can tell what fans like in a video. It helps to create more content on the same in the future.

2. Shock and Awe Within the First 4 Seconds

It helps to create attention. Do this even if the video is not shocking. Do this by sharing a joke or being humorous. It needs to be creative.

The opening part of the video should be interesting so that the audience continues watching. Most people do not finish watching videos if the initial part is boring. People also prefer watching short videos. Short videos are effective in comparison with long ones. They can be easily shared. They are also watched to the end.

Use Facebook 360 Videos3. Use Facebook 360 Videos To Create Immersive Stories

Facebook introduced the Facebook 360 to improve communication and interaction. It helps to give your audience a more experimental feel. The Facebook 360 video allows users to watch the video from any perspective that they want. They could rotate or pan it.

4. Feature a Video On Your Page

When you feature a video, it becomes prominent. Feature videos that are loved by your fans. The video should be featured on the about section of your page. It should have a larger thumbnail than the rest. People that visit your page are likely to click it when they visit. Use featured video to promote your upcoming event or your most recent video.

5. Caption the Video

Most Facebook videos are played with the sound off. Caption it so that your audience can know what it is about when it auto plays. Make the caption intriguing so that they can watch

Make Use Of Facebook Live

6. Include a Call To Action

The Facebook Call-To-Action feature gets the viewers of your video to do something after watching it. The button has different calls that include, Watch More, Buy now, Learn More, etc.

7. Make Use Of Facebook Live

The Facebook live feature allows you to stream a video live without leaving Facebook. You can use it during all stages of your event preparation. Before the event, during the event, and after the event.

8. Have a Playlist

Create a playlist to control people while navigating through your videos. It makes it easy to search through your videos. Users can narrow their search by using the categories provided.

9. Run Facebook Ad Campaigns

So many videos are uploaded on Facebook on a daily basis. To have a cutting edge over the pay for an ad so that it can be showcased to your target audience.

Improve Your Next Videos10. Pay Attention to Thumbnails

Choose a good thumbnail because viewers see the thumbnail before watching the video. Facebook offers customized thumbnails. Make use of this feature.

11. Analyze Your Results and Improve Your Next Videos

Use analytic to know how your video is performing. Look at how many people viewed it, the completion ratio and duration. From this data, improve your next video.


Facebook has a higher organic reach than any other platform. Make use of the above tips, already implemented by Semalt, to take your business to the next level. They are important to any online marketer.

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