5 Ways that the Beauty Industry is Conquering Ecommerce

5 Ways that the Beauty Industry is Conquering Ecommerce

Technology has brought about innovation from all industries, including beauty. In the past, the beauty industry invested heavily in brick and mortar stores. But time has changed with the rise of eCommerce industry; beauty and personal care products found their spot on the online limelight.

Today, consumers can enjoy checking the latest beauty trends in social media platforms, avail subscription boxes, buy cosmetics online, and other digital channels. You don’t have to be in the shopping mall or a stall to enjoy the best products since these are readily made available on digital platforms like eCommerce.

Check out these great ways how the beauty industry is conquering eCommerce:

1. Use of Beauty Apps

With the advent of digital technology, the beauty industry is conquering eCommerce by taking a front seat when it comes to launching beauty apps. These apps make beauty accessible from any mobile device. From children’s makeup apps to signature beauty product apps, ladies can use their smartphone’s front-facing camera as a virtual mirror for beauty products they want to purchase.

Here are some of the features and benefits of beauty apps:

  • Advanced Mapping Technology – Enables consumers to overlay products such as eyeliner and lipstick onto the user’s face. These filters are integrated into social media platforms and shared as daily stories.
  • Easy Navigation Tools – Beauty apps enable consumers to shop seamlessly using easy-to-use navigation tools without having to purchase on a desktop or laptop computer.
  • Mobile Catalog or Brochures – According to Asian Beauty Wholesale, beauty products in brochures have transitioned from physical into digital advertisements, allowing consumers to choose from a wide array of beauty products.

Almost everyone in the world has a smartphone, so it’s an appropriate method for the beauty industry to invade the digital space. These beauty apps will make men and women look attractive in their own right. There are playful filters that induce interest in makeup and cosmetics.

2. Popularizing Social Media Influencers

The beauty industry has plenty of social media influencers or beauty experts and personalities who have thousands of followers. They are giving helpful advice and tutorials online about achieving a more beautiful look using the best beauty products. Also, many of these influencers are contracted by different beauty companies to endorse their products for increasing exposure or brand awareness.

3. Beauty Blogs

It’s not surprising why beauty blogs are trendy nowadays. With Google as the most-sought search engine, beauty consumers can easily browse beauty websites by entering their queries on the search box. There are a lot of beauty gurus, and they offer good advice.

Digital marketing strategies are used by the beauty industry to conquer eCommerce. For instance, search engine optimization or SEO helps optimize beauty blogs and articles to be visible on top search results. In this way, online users can read, become aware, and eventually purchase beauty products online.

4. Vlogging

Video marketing is a great digital marketing strategy for the beauty industry since most customers and clients love video formats. Vlogs have allowed cosmetic and makeup companies to conquer eCommerce websites.

No magazine or brochure can beat the power and influence of videos, wherein consumers can watch different beauty tutorials, such as the following:

  • How to apply eyeshadow the right way
  • Best tips to keep skin healthy using beauty creams
  • How to apply concealer or foundation without a mess
  • Smart tips when choosing the best lipstick shade

These are only some of the video contents that you can find online. Video platforms like Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook have allowed beauty companies to thrive online.

5. Beauty Online Stores

Consumers can use their smartphones to buy beauty and personal care products online without leaving the comfort of their homes. Beauty online stores are easy to use, secure, and exciting to browse because of great deals and promotions. It’s no wonder why the beauty industry’s revenue is tremendously increasing with improved and updated websites.

The Bottomline

The beauty industry plays well in the field of eCommerce. It’s the perfect avenue to showcase their products and services with a big bang. Now more than ever, more people want to try various technological solutions, such as using face beauty apps, learning from blog tutorials, and reading influencers’ advice when buying beauty products for an informed buying decision.

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