Ways To Make Your Business More Sustainable

Ways To Make Your Business More Sustainable

With a new generation of workers entering the job market, many employers are left scratching their heads on how they can attract Generation Z employees. Generation Z applies to anyone who is born between 1997 and 2012 and those born ahead of 2005 are liable to enter the job market.

When it comes to Gen Z, the vast majority will claim to value their morals more than wage, so it is important to allow your business to evolve. One topic that is extremely worried about in the Gen Z community is environmental issues. Therefore, making your business more sustainable is step one in how to attract Generation Z employees.

1. Implement A Working from Home Strategy

Quite simply, working from home means that less people will be commuting to work via car, which reduces the carbon footprint. Similarly, this will make grabbing lunch on the go non-existent which will reduce the consumption of single-use plastics.

2. Change Transport

If working from home is not an option for your business, you might change your company’s approach to transport. You could make your employees’ commute to work greener by introducing a cycle to work scheme or a carpooling system. Similar to working from home, this will reduce the number of cars on the road and consequently minimise the carbon footprint.

3. Make Your System Paperless

Not only is a paperless system more eco-friendly but it is also more convenient and accessible. You can scrap the time that it takes to organise and file physical documents whilst simultaneously being rid of waste. Electronic documents are also much more secure as passwords and locks can be implemented so that unauthorised personnel cannot access them. This also applies to payslips, as there are multiple payroll softwares, wherein the employee is given a login to easily access their digital P60s and payslips.

4. Minimise Presence of Single-Use Products

If your business uses paper towels, plastic cups, or single serve coffee pods, you can use greener alternatives to reduce your use of single-use products. Of course, it will not always be possible to completely eradicate single-use products but making small changes makes a huge impact.


5. Recycle

Ensure that you have multiple bins for general waste, food, and recyclable materials. This will allow you to separate your waste accordingly and make a positive impact on the environment. Similarly, many companies will recycle things such as ink and toner cartridges and batteries so be sure to keep hold of these ready for recycling.

6. Cooperate with Local Suppliers

Another way to reduce pollution caused by vehicles is to get your stock from local suppliers. This is because large industrial vehicles will not have to travel as far. Furthermore, local businesses may give you discounts as thanks for your loyalty; your custom will actually make a difference to the business owner’s livelihood, as opposed to huge corporations.

7. Use Eco-Friendly Products

When it comes to cleaning products and such, there is no denying that they are packed with chemicals that are harmful to the environment. Many cleaning product producers have cottoned onto this and now offer eco-friendly alternatives. Another way that you can reduce your chemical use is to place cruelty free soaps in your bathrooms; these are kinder to skin and the planet.


Once you make a conscious effort to make your business greener, potential Gen Z employees will take notice. This is just the first step but consistent changes that allow your business to progress into the 21st century will make your business appealing to modern workers. In order to attract Generation Z employees, you cannot be afraid to make changes.

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