How to Reduce Sun Glare at Home
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5 Ways to Reduce Sun Glare at Home

When you’re working from home, you want to be as comfortable as possible. What you may not have bargained for is the progression of the sun across the sky. What seems fine in the morning can become difficult in the afternoon when the sun is shining right into your eyes.

Instead of moving to a different room, here are five easy ways you can reduce sun glare in your home.

1. Install Blinds

One of the easiest and least expensive ways you can reduce glare in your home is to install blinds Mornington. With just the pull of a string, you can reduce the glare coming in through your windows and make it easier to see your work. Blinds make it easy for you to control the light levels so that you’re getting the right amount of illumination so that you can rely less on artificial lighting.

2. Install Awnings and Exterior Shades

This is a more expensive option that is much more permanent, but you know it will last. Blinds can sometimes break, but external awnings are more rugged and will last much longer. You can have all the natural light that you want without having solar glare. Keep in mind, however, that you have to take the size of your window into account before you install awnings, as they’re not available in a wide range of sizes.

3. Purchasing And Installing Tinted Film

Just like cars have tinted film on their windows to reduce glare, you can have the same effect on the windows in your home. Tinted film is pretty easy to buy and you can cut it perfectly to the size of your window so that it’s entirely covered up. Some people have even said that adding tinted film to their home has kept it cooler in the summer months.

4. Painting Your Walls A Bright Color

The lighter the color, the more reflective it’s going to be, so you can reduce glare coming in from outside by painting the walls of your office a brighter color. This works by reducing the contrast between the solar glare and the walls, tricking your eyes that they’re not being affected by the glare. The glare will seem less pronounced so that there’s less strain on your eyes.

5. Planting Trees and Plants Outside Your Window

Depending on the room you’re working in, you may have to wait a long time for those trees to grow to the right height and reduce the sunlight coming in through your windows. But there are some nice short trees if your office is on the ground floor that work wonderfully at reducing glare. This will also help to reduce the heat inside a room and provides a nice green touch to your yard.

Sun glare can be pretty painful for your eyes and even result in eye damage that you may not be able to recover from. You can experience headaches and blurry vision from too much glare, so protect the health of your eyes.

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