How to wear a bucket hat

Three Ways To Wear The New In-Fashion Item: The Bucket Hat

Whether you agree with this trend or not, bucket hats are here to stay. Seemingly popular in the 90s, this fashion item has come back in style thanks to Millenials and Gen-Zers bringing back the grunge style of decades past.

If you want to hop on the bandwagon and wear the latest trends, you need to know how to wear the bucket hat with style. You can’t just throw this fashion item with any outfit, so choosing the right accessories, shirt, and pants is key to rocking this unique look.

Since bucket has been around for decades, you can find style inspiration from the 1940s, when the hat first originated, or find style tips from the 80s and 90s, when this hat rose to prominence. Let’s see the best clothing items to pair with this bucket hat.

Three ways to wear a bucket hat

1. Tie-dye bucket hats

If you are wearing a plaid outfit and want to bring a pop of colour to your wardrobe, wearing a brightly coloured tie-dye bucket hat can enhance the uniqueness of your outfit. Especially during the spring and summer months, a tie-dye bucket hat with a monochrome, black, or white outfit is a great way to stand out among the crowd.

When choosing a tie-dye bucket hat, make sure it is a high-quality item and a reputable brand, like Burberry. Buying a bucket hat with properly sourced materials and high-quality construction ensures this purchase lasts multiple seasons.

2. Navy bucket hats

Going with a darker-hued colour can add style and sleekness without going over the top for a plainer and more subtle look. If you love dark shades but don’t want to continue wearing black every day in the summer months, a navy bucket hat can do the trick.

This accessory is an excellent colour for a guy or girl who wants to remain in their neutral colour palette. You can wear bright clothes or patterned shirts with this navy bucket hat to bring a little spice to your outfit. When searching for the perfect pattern, check out designer brands like Burberry for inspiration.

3. White bucket hats

The final way to wear bucket hats this summer is by wearing a white bucket hat. This colour looks good on every skin tone and with nearly every outfit, bringing a different element and trend to your typical clothes. To find a long-lasting white bucket hat that is well-made, search for designer brands, like Burberry, to see if they produce bucket hats that meet your needs.


Bucket hats have been in fashion for nearly 80 years at this point, first emerging in the 1940s and experiencing a massive rise to prominence in the fashion world during the 1980s and 1990s. Since then, bucket hats have reemerged as a popular trendy item in the past few years. The younger generation wears these hats with plain clothes, patterned clothes, single-tone outfits, and stylish sneakers, taking the fashion world by storm.

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