West Coast University Your Portal Towards Health Care Career

West Coast University Portal: Your Portal Towards Health Care Career

The healthcare sector offers some of the most rewarding and promising jobs in the market. Thus, it is not surprising that many people throughout the world are aspiring to make their career in the healthcare industry! West Coast University might be a good choice to help you build a bright career in the field of healthcare. Located at 4 different locations in 2 states, it has continuously produced qualified workforce to handle the needs of this demanding and competitive industry. Let’s learn more about West Coast University Portal.

A ‘historical’ college

Established in 1909, the university has been shaping the career of thousands of people in over a century of its existence. Founded in Los Angeles, it has come a long way today from its starting point as an ophthalmology school. The university’s standard of courses in Bachelors degree has been copied by thousands of universities and colleges all over the world. However, due to its own problems in the 90s, the college declared bankruptcy. After it was purchased by the American Career College management in 1997, the university has been redesigned to work as a chain of schools that focus exclusively on healthcare.

Campus locations

The college has 4 campuses in the states of California and Texas. They include

  • Los Angeles, California
  • Ontario, California
  • Anaheim, California
  • Dallas, Texas

Programs offered

As a university that focus exclusively on healthcare courses, West Coast University offers bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs under 8 titles. The range of courses offered include

  • Nursing: BS in Nursing, MS in Nursing, Registered Nurse to BN and Licensed Vocational Nurse to BN
  • Dental hygiene: BS in Dental Hygiene
  • Health administration: Masters in Health Administration
  • Occupational therapy: MS in Occupational Therapy
  • Physical therapy: Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)
  • Pharmacy: Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD)

Financial Assistance

In truth, the courses offered at West Coast University don’t come cheap with the average fees of $30,000. It will cost you fees which are above average to complete your course. However the quality and support that you gain from the college will certainly cover that. Because of this, the university offers financial assistance to its students in the form of scholarships and loans. West coast university student portal can also apply for federal and state aid through the university. On average around 50% of the students receive grant and financial assistance from the college.

Intensive academic calendar

The university operates on a semester system where each semester comprises of 10 weeks of study. What students need to know is that the study at West Coast is intense and rapid. Hence, except a few holiday breaks, students shouldn’t be expecting much time to be free.

Why is West Coast University a good option?

With over a century of existence, this university is very experienced. Here are some reasons why you should opt West Coast University

  • The quality of education is well regarded to be of the highest quality.
  • The biggest advantage of studying at the university is the time you can save through its intensive fast-tracked courses.
  • The courses of the university are accredited by standard accreditation agencies like ACSCU/WASC and ACICS.
  • Specialized courses like dental hygiene and nursing are recognized by the state boards of California and Texas.
  • The university has an efficient credit transfer policy, through which students can easily and fairly transfer their credit hours on courses.
  • Strong faculty who are highly educated and experience serve to the needs of the students at the university.
  • The university also provides a good career service to its students through its strong contacts and good experience of the job market.

Thus if you are at West Coast University, you will have some competitive edge compared to graduates from other universities.

If you are opting for a bright career in the healthcare sector, studying at West Coast certainly would be a good decision. If you don’t want to compromise the quality of your education, then the university won’t disappoint you. The major drawback however seems to be the high fees. However with loans and grants and the prospect of a bright career ahead of you, pursuing your career at West Coast University is a good decision.

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