Uses of Heavy Duty Caster Wheels

What Are Some Uses of Heavy Duty Caster Wheels?

Heavy duty caster wheels are essential elements of industrial and manufacturing industries. They support the handling and moving of bulky items to assist with the production process.

The difference between standard and heavy duty wheels is the amount of weight each can support. Heavy duty casters can handle the most weight. They have a more comprehensive load-bearing swivel section attached to thicker legs with a steel plate.

Aircraft Industry

These wheels are a vital component of aircraft engine stands. They allow technicians to lock or move it as needed. These wheels are essential in aircraft and aerospace manufacturing processes, enabling workers to move large equipment. Airplane hangar doors require casters that can support the doors’ immense weight. Heavy duty wheels on helicopter landing pads and dollies give the platforms increased handling ability and extra stability. Airplanes themselves are huge vehicles requiring heavy duty casters to move from place to place on the ground.

Moving Services

Hand trucks and dollies require these heavy wheels to operate successfully. They provide the ability to move materials and equipment across flat surfaces safely and efficiently. Caster wheels allow people to transport furniture and other large items to new locations with ease.

Manufacturing Facilities

Some types of production plants that use heavy duty caster wheels include:

  • Automobile assembly plants
  • Heavy equipment manufacturing
  • Aircraft assembly factories

These wheels allow workers to move large assemblies to locations within the factory with greater ease, reducing employees’ physical strain. Assembly lines also use them to move heavy parts through the manufacturing process. Often, the casters in manufacturing can withstand extreme temperatures as well as heavy loads.

Shipping Containers

Casters mounted to shipping containers with corner fitting brackets help mobilize cargo. Load capacities determine the type of caster best suited for the intended tasks. These substantial wheels are also available with brakes and swivel locks, helping to move cargo weighing thousands of pounds where it needs to go.

Waste Removal

Caster wheels provide the ability to move trash and recycle receptacles when necessary. With sturdy casters attached, it is possible for one or two people to move the bulky metal bins when they need to move to a new location.

Casters that move and support heavy materials are essential in many ways. Numerous industries require the use of heavy duty caster wheels. These strong wheels make various tasks and systems within manufacturing and other sectors more comfortable and efficient by bearing and maneuvering large loads.

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