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What Are the 6 Energy Tech Trends for 2021?

The energy sector is going through some noticeable transformational changes right now and anyone at the sharp end of the industry, like a Bayside electrician, for instance, will tell you that cleaner and eco-friendly energy solutions are a hot topic with consumers and businesses right now.

So what are the biggest energy tech trends that are shaping our future for now and the future?

Hydrogen’s time has come again

The smart money is betting that we will witness hydrogen fuel cell technology overtake battery-powered EVs and become the default option for the mass-produced electric vehicles that are coming our way as a replacement for petrol cars.

Using hydrogen as an energy source is not a new idea but millions have been invested in finding a modern way to harness its true potential.

The EU has a highly ambitious hydrogen strategy already in place and major utilities are already transferring their allegiance to this option. Watch this space as hydrogen takes center stage.

Building the electric vehicle infrastructure

The world is waking up to the urgent need to move away from fossil fuels and if we are all going to be driving electric cars within the near future there needs to be a significant increase in the number of charging points available.

Charging stations that offer a fast-charging option will lead the way in this much-needed energy tech trend.

Global transport solutions undergoing a major transformation

Some of the leading tech-driven companies are working on changing the way all of us view car ownership.

What is leading the trend is the introduction of carbon offset rides and using more Evs and hybrids to transport people around. The global transportation industry is liaising closely with the renewables sector of the energy industry and the hot trend in this sector is to revolutionize our relationship with cars and deliver a future-proof transportation solution.

China is expected to deliver a viable solution

Another top energy tech trend is the expectation that China’s electric vehicle industry is going to lead the way in finding a way to produce the sort of electric vehicles that we will all want to drive at an affordable price.

A lot of smart money has been invested in China finding the energy-efficient solution we all need when it comes to building the cars of the future.

Moving towards a totally renewable solution

What has become abundantly clear is that big tech has to find a way of achieving 100% renewable energy.

That target is now feasible from a technical perspective and one of the biggest companies in the world, Apple, is now entirely powered by clean energy.

The trend for 100% renewable energy is going to make a big impact in our fight against the impact of climate change.

Cleaning up the supply chain

Sustainability is at the forefront of what the world’s biggest brands are trying to do in order to improve their image and green credentials.

The fact that the online giant Amazon has committed $10 billion to a climate change fund is all the proof you need that finding ways to clean up the eCommerce supply chain is a top trend for 2021.

It is hoped that these trends will prove to be the catalyst for fundamental changes to the way we view our consumption of energy.

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