What does DiSC as an acronym stand for

DiSC personality test is one of the most famous tools being used by a number of companies in today’s date. Many people have given this test without even realizing that it was a DiSC test, it is that common. Despite attempting this test, people hardly know what the letters in term DiSC stand for. This test helps you understand your own personality and behavioral tendencies. You can majorly divide the results of the personality test into four categories, these are as follows –

D: Dominance

People who fall into this category tend to be more dominant of nature. Their main emphasis is on shaping the environment into a better version of it. They focus on overcoming challenges and whatever hurdles come across them, and try to be better than their competitors. They try to be at the top by conquering their competitors and winning over them. They are always on their feet and are the first ones to take action. You can throw any challenge across them and they will gladly take it up. Their priority is getting immediate results and they are willing to put in extra hours to achieve that. They are afraid of letting someone take advantage of them and cannot handle a loss of control. They generally tend to be not only self confident, but decisive and willing to take risks as well. Once drawback that they have is that they are almost always impatient and may seem to be unconcerned for others.

I: Influence

These people focus on shaping their work environment by trying to influence as well as persuade those who work under them as well as with them. They tend to be the people’s favorite and try making a good impression in front of their team. They love being a part of group activities and like to be recognized socially. Their biggest pet peeve is being socially rejected or having loss of influence over others. But these people are generally the life of the party and are quite charming. One of their worst qualities is that they often lack patience to follow through with plans and ideas.

S: Steadiness

People belonging to this personality type are focused on establishing stability amongst the ranks and their team. Their secret behind accomplishing tasks is doing so by getting others to cooperate. They are often good listeners, and are patient with others. They are often willing to work with others, but often place their own needs last which can be a huge drawback. They love it when their teammates cooperate and tend to prefer infrequent change over regular change. If you believe you might be of this personality type, DiSC Personality test for you will be the most ideal tool to determine the truth.

C: Conscientiousness

The people belonging to this personality type prefer being accurate in the nature of their work and like doing to work that adheres to the quality that is deemed by their company. They are excellent when it comes to analytical thinking and pay attention to every little detail of work to ensure quality. They want clear performance expectations so that they are able to work accordingly and leave no stone unturned as they hate it when their work is criticized under a negative light. They are often reserved and tend to keep to themselves. They are often deemed as cautious as they don’t want to receive negative criticism. One major drawback of this personality can be that they can be over critical of their own self and doubt themselves when it comes to taking decisions. This lack of faith in their own self can lead to indecisiveness and time wastage.


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