What Is Co-Living, Pros and Cons of Coliving

What Is Co-Living And Is It Good For Me?

Nowadays leaving home to find your own place is not what it used to be. In the past people would simply consult with the classified section of their newspaper for rooms that were available. Some might have even just drove around looking for signs that indicated a home had place to rent out. Things are much different now as people are drawn to the co-living phenomenon, especially in big cities.

What Is Co-Living?

Simply put, co-living is the creation of a mini community under one roof. It encourages a sustainable lifestyle and healthy living by getting recipients to share resources and space. It is very different from conventional renting a home as this option places different people from basically anywhere in the world, under one roof.

Is It For You?

This is the big question that only you can properly answer. You may find that the best way to answer this question is to weigh the pros and cons.

What Are The Pros?

  1. You don’t need to invest in furniture as they come with the shared space.
  2. You share responsibilities with other people
  3. You pay a membership which usually covers electricity, Wi-Fi, cleaning
  4. You can go to community events (which happen frequently in New York City)
  5. You may even have access to yoga classes, putlock dinners, movie nights and the gym
  6. You will be sharing the couch with others so you’re never really alone
  7. You are not tied down to a contract and sign a month-to-month agreement
  8. You may have free coffee and tea provided in the house
  9. Each person is responsible for their own garbage, which will ensure that the apartment stays clean

What Are The Cons?

It may not be for you if you are a person that does not like to share. Also, if you:

  1. Have membership phobia for some odd reason
  2. You’re an introvert and don’t like being around many people
  3. You are a creature of habit and will not be willing to share a couch with someone, or have a way of claiming a particular spot in a particular couch
  4. You fee uncertain without commitment and need a lease. Since co-living is commitment free, you can try it out for a month or two, and then decide if it is for you
  5. You’re messy and can’t live without rules

Co-living is especially convenient for those who travel for work and need a good place to stay. If you plan on staying longer you can always look for private studios or shared spaces which may be around $1200 per month. This option gives people the opportunity to pay less and enjoy many great benefits that they otherwise would not have.

Before ruling out shared spaces, weigh out the above pros and cons and look for a place that you could co-share. You may decide that it is something you could get used to, or you may even enjoy it.

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