What Is Global Health Delivery

What Is Global Health Delivery?

Health care is a critical need across the globe, but people in many countries do not have access to consistent medical care. This led to the Global Health Delivery project being brought to light in 2007. The project focuses on addressing the health delivery gap that impacts people all over the world.

The Global Health Delivery Project: An Overview

The main founders of the Global Health Delivery Project are Paul Farmer and Michael Porter and Jim Yong Kim, the former president of the World Bank. Since its founding, the project has sought to investigate disease prevention and treatment by addressing the delivery gap that often prevents care from getting to those who need it most.

The research and findings from this project have been featured in scholarly publications and have led to educational resources and programs for those who want to get involved and learn more about delivering value-based health care on a global scale. The faculty of the project has expanded to include 20 professionals who come from 15 different countries, all working together to find cost-effective solutions to the global health care gap.

How the Global Health Delivery Project Started

At the time of the Global Health Delivery Project’s founding, health care practitioners around the world had few opportunities to share their experiences, due to isolation and a lack of resources. Many did not have access to the latest technologies, clinical recommendations, and drugs, which created a gap between modern medicine and what was available to those most in need. Around the same time, large-scale donation efforts and funding were happening to fight diseases in third-world countries, but these resources were not directly translating into better health outcomes for members of communities where the need was greatest.

How the Global Health Delivery Project Started

Those involved in the earliest days of the project wanted to create an interdisciplinary, open-access body of knowledge in which people could share their experiences and knowledge freely. Michael Porter, one of the co-founders of the project, published a book in 2006 titled “Redefining Health Care,” which focused on a system that maximized the benefits given for every dollar spent. Porter continued in his work to create and refine such a global health care system by stepping into a major role with the Global Health Delivery Project.

Goals of Global Health Delivery 

The key objectives of this project include emphasizing the value of health care and services, rather than focusing on equity, access, and volume of services. It also aims to improve the overall delivery of health care, ensuring that those with the greatest needs have access to care that follows the latest advancements in the medical field. Since its founding, the Global Health Delivery Project has provided education to students across all disciplines and published more than 40 case studies, all of which are available at no cost.

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