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What is Hair Transplant Surgery Turkey and Its Benefits

A hair transplant surgery is where a surgeon cleans your scalp, provides you with local anesthetic so that your skin is numb on your head, they then cut a three to four inch section of your scalp off and cut this into anywhere from five hundred to two thousands hair grafts using your own hair. They then cut small incisions and insert the grafts into your numb scalp in tiny holes.

This procedure takes anywhere from four to ten hours depending on the surgeon, your hair and scalp, how thin or bald you are, and if anything goes unplanned during the surgery. Your scalp will be sore and tender after your surgery, and you will need to take medication to prevent inflammation, infection, and pain during your healing process. You will want to wear a bandage or dressing over the area for a couple of days to make sure that nothing gets into the open wounds while it is healing. You also want to elevate your head while you are sleeping or laying down so that the blood flow does not sit at the top of your head. Your doctor will require you to stay out of work and not do any physical activity for a few days to a few weeks to allow your body to heal and the sutures to dissolve.

The skin grafts will fall out in a few weeks, but your hair will start to grow back in a few months. There are cases where your scalp can become infected or your skin grafts will grow back in in a different direction or look than your natural hair.

This surgery is considered cosmetic, and most insurances do not cover it. It is important to talk to your doctor and health insurance provider prior to having your surgery so that you know what will and will not be covered during your procedure.

If your hair is thinning or you have lost your hair contact your doctor and set up a consultation to see if hair transplant in Turkey is right for you.

Benefits to Hair Transplant Surgery

While other hair loss solutions are available, the benefits and advantages of hair transplant surgery in clinics such as Capilclinic exceed those of the competition. The benefits are numerous, but here are a few.

All Natural

While some over the counter products contain chemical compounds to stimulate growth or hide hair loss, hair transplant surgery is a natural procedure. The surgeon implants hair with no need for additional chemical treatment or additives.


An undeniable advantage of hair transplantation is its uniformity in distribution. The techniques used by surgeons work so that the overall distribution of hair follicles will remain intact.


Unlike when chemical additives are used, there are very few side effects associated with hair transplant surgery. The operation requires only localized anesthesia, reducing common safety risks associated with surgery.


Since your own hair is being used and transplanted from one part of your body to another, the procedure is a simple process.

Cost Effective

Hair transplant surgery is not a temporary hair loss solution. Once transplanted, your hair will continue to grow, eliminating the need for any other hair loss solutions or added costs.

Renewed Confidence

Perhaps the best benefit to hair loss surgery is the increase in confidence and self-esteem it can give you. Unlike temporary solutions that may limit your ability to engage in certain activities, hair transplant surgery allows you to spend less time worrying about your hair and more time enjoying life.

While there are very few drawbacks, the advantages to hair transplant surgery are numerous. As an all-natural, safe, simple and cost effective solution that offers uniform coverage and renewed confidence, surgery is an ideal solution to your hair loss problems.

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