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What Kind of Racking Does Your Warehouse Need?

When you set up your products for storage, you have a lot of decisions to make, and the system you use can be an important one since you have to work in the space available. The good news is, your warehouse pallet racking can vary to meet your needs, whether you have a lot of stock to fit into a small space or plenty of room for your limited inventory. Check out these types of racking to see what will work for you.


If you need to store a lot of product in a small space, you may opt for a setup with paths large enough to admit a forklift. Drive-in pallet racking works well with a last-in, first-out system and gives you a bit more floor space to work with, which can help as you maneuver your wares.

Narrow Aisle

If your storage area is too limited for a drive-in racking system, consider narrow aisle pallet racking. You won’t be able to use a pallet jack throughout the entire warehouse, but your drivers should be capable of working around that issue to load and unload efficiently. Just make sure you buy pallet racking that can fit your product without sacrificing the ability to remove it.


As a system that allows quick access to your pallets and installs with ease, selective pallet racking is a common choice for warehouse design. Since selective racking is only one pallet deep, though, it’s best suited to a storehouse with a lot of square feet, or a company with a limited inventory.


If you need to store items of unusual size or shape, such as pipes or lumber, you may look into a cantilever system. Your products will be easier to get in and out because the pallet racking system is free-standing and has no front column. Instead, you place the merchandise on supportive arms that keep your materials in place.


To contain a high amount of stock in a limited room, you might consider a pushback pallet racking setup. A pushback rack will store in a last-in, first-out method, similar to drive-in racking, and allows you to sort through your supplies for a specific item. Pushback racking also helps cut down on honeycombing by using the maximum amount of space available.

You’ll have to weigh your pallet racking options carefully and decide based on budget, the inventory you plan to store, and the warehouse you have to work with. Get in touch today with experts who are ready to help you meet your warehouse pallet racking needs.

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