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What Makes for a Reliable and Effective Car Crash Lawyer

Did you know that more than five million car accidents occur each year in the United States alone? Sadly, roughly 35,000 people die per year owing to car accidents, while many hundreds of thousands more end up in the hospital, often with serious injuries. If you or your loved ones have been in a car accident, it’s important to talk with lawyers and to find a reliable car crash attorney who can champion your interests.

A car accident can have a big impact on families. Not only might property be damaged, but many people will end up stuck with expensive medical bills. On top of that, you may experience lost income and other issues. With the right attorney on your side, it might be possible to secure a settlement to cover costs.  If you or someone you know has been involved in a car accident, it’s important to speak with a qualified car accident attorneys as soon as possible.

That said “right” is the key word. Many lawyers strive day in and day out to champion their clients’ interests. That said, some lawyers are more reliable than others, and some are simply in a better position to handle any given case. With that in mind, it’s important to find the right car crash lawyer for your given situation.

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Great Attributes of a Car Crash Lawyer

Let’s take a look at some of the attributes that you should pay attention to when looking for a car crash lawyer. Of course, this list isn’t exhaustive and you should always keep your own needs and preferences in mind.

That said, also make sure you keep an eye on performance and results. At the end of the day, the settlement you receive is arguably the most important factor and metric for you to go by. Certain things, like past performance, may give you an idea of how a lawyer might perform with your case. These factors are worth an especially close look.

Look for Lawyers With Stellar Track Records

If you could only look at one factor before making a decision, examining a car crash attorney’s record is certainly one of the best metrics. Arguably, an attorney’s record is, in fact, the best indicator of their skill and achievements. A consistent record filled with plenty of wins and favorable settlements also hints at reliability case in and case out.

Ultimately, you’ll want to see cases where they either outright win or dramatically improve outcomes. When talking with lawyers, feel free to ask about their track record. They may not be able to provide some of the confidential details, but even a basic overview could help.

Besides wins, you might also ask about the last time they lost a case or reached a sub-optimal outcome. If you decide to explore such tough questions, you can ask the lawyer why they felt the case failed to meet expectations.

They Specialize in Cases Similar to Yours

These days, most lawyers specialize in just a few different types of cases. Go back fifty years and many lawyers were generalists. A personal injury lawyer might handle not just automobile accidents, but also slip and falls, medical malpractice, and more. Heck, a fair number of lawyers juggled both civil and criminal cases.

There are still some general lawyers out there and many of them do a great job. That being said, more and more lawyers are specializing these days. This allows them to build up more knowledge in a given area, which can lead to more reliable and predictable outcomes. Given all that, it makes sense that so many lawyers focus on a few specific events, like slip and falls, product defects, or car accidents.

Within car accidents as a whole, some lawyers will take specialization even further. A few lawyers may specialize primarily in DUI cases or cases involving commercial semi-trucks. You may not need such a specialized lawyer, but you will want to find a car crash attorney with a specialization that will help them represent you as best as possible.

Check Out Their Degrees and Make Sure They Are Properly Certified

Most lawyers will have a law degree from a reputable law school. This legal education will help ensure that they are properly familiar with the law. That said, graduating from law school itself typically isn’t enough. A lawyer will also need to pass the Bar exam in his or her state.

You may also opt to examine the name on the law degree. Some law schools, like Harvard, have a better reputation than others. Academic prowess could have an impact on a car crash case. That said, a lawyer with a degree from a lesser school may actually be a better fit for your case or situation.

Does the Lawyer Have the Bandwidth to Handle Your Case?

One of the downsides of the best lawyers is that they are often very busy. This doesn’t mean you should avoid every popular lawyer. Instead, when chatting with lawyers, you’ll want to make sure that they have the capacity and bandwidth to properly handle your case.

If a lawyer can’t dedicate enough time to your case, they’re going to struggle to produce optimal results. This is true even if they have lots of experience, the right education, and a track record of success. In some cases, you might be better off working with a lawyer who has more bandwidth even if his or her resume elsewhere isn’t quite as good.

When you visit the lawyer’s office, you can also examine the environment. A messy and cluttered office might suggest that the attorney is either really busy or a bit disorganized. This could have an impact on their overall reliability. You may not want to read too much into it, however. We all have messy periods in our lives and sometimes the office gets a bit disorderly.

How are the Customer Service Skills?

Social media has caught a lot of flak in recent years. Some believe that it’s bad for children, and some worry that it is fueling the spread of misinformation. These are complex topics, but when it comes to finding a lawyer, social media can be a useful tool.

Some clients will leave reviews for lawyers on social media. These are definitely worth checking out. Keep in mind that some past clients may have an axe to grind. It’s also possible that some unscrupulous lawyers are paying for fake reviews. Still, reviews and social media websites can yield credible insights, especially regarding how lawyers handle customer service and the like.

You can also check out testimonials on the lawyer’s website. Keep in mind, however, that these reviews are curated. The client may well mean everything he or she said in the testimony, but you’ll want to take testimonials with a bit of a grain of salt, especially if they are on the lawyer’s personal website.

Does the Lawyer Work on Contingency?

One of the first things that many families worry about is whether they’ll be able to afford a lawyer. The good news is that most personal injury lawyers, including many of those that handle car crashes, work on contingency. This means you won’t have to pay upfront. Instead, the lawyer will take a cut of the settlement. Usually, this cut is set as a percentage, usually around 33 percent. This means the attorney will take 33 percent of the settlement.

If you or a loved one has been injured, there’s a good chance that you’ve lost a portion of your income plus savings and you might be struggling financially. In such a scenario, many of the people who most need lawyers will be unable to pay for them upfront. By working on contingency, attorneys can work with individuals who otherwise might not be able to afford their services.

Lawyers who work on contingency will often carefully evaluate cases from prospective clients. If they’re not very confident that they can win the case, and that the settlement will be fair if not generous, a personal injury attorney might pass on a particular case. That said, even if some attorneys have rejected your case, you should talk with other personal injury lawyers.

Finding a Lawyer Who Performs and Who You Can Trust

At the end of the day, pursuing a legal case requires a lot of hard work, especially on your attorney’s part. At the same time, the outcome of the case will likely have a big impact on you and your family. The right settlement could leave you financially secure, with your medical bills covered and other costs taken care of. Unfortunately, a subpar settlement could leave many families struggling.

In summary, some factors worth considering when trying to pin down a reliable, trustworthy, and effective car crash lawyer includes:

  • Their track record, especially with similar cases.
  • What types of cases they specialize in. Remember, practice makes perfect, including in the courts.
  • Customer service and reviews from past clients.
  • Bandwidth and capacity to set aside the time and resources you need.
  • Education credentials, including successfully passing Bar exams.

Given the stakes, it’s important to find a lawyer who you can trust, and also one who has the skills and knowledge needed to successfully take on your case. The right lawyer provides more than simply legal advice. They can help to share burdens and can also work to maximize your well-being in the future.

At the end of the day, you may not want to rush when it comes to choosing a lawyer. That said, while you should take the time to evaluate options and make a specific choice, you should get the decision-making process started as soon as possible.

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