What Marking Solutions are Available for Different Manufacturers

What Marking Solutions are Available for Different Manufacturers

Direct part marking is now a regular process in manufacturing for businesses all around the world. For people who are still contemplating industrial marking technologies, here’s a little guide to select among different options available.

As per the industrial marking experts, there are many products available for direct part marking, however, the best and the most popular ones are based on dot peen marking and laser marking technology. If you are looking for a long-lasting marking option, consider one from these two.

Dot peen marking technologies utilizes a pin to make durable and resistible dotted marks onto a surface. Fantastic for tough alloys, easy-to-operate and economical, the tech loses points when exceptionally distinctive engraving or speedy operation is required.

Laser marking technology burns off the marks on a component, excluding the touch of this machine together with the surface. This implies more versatility in part geometry, the wide range of engraved information and a number of different ways. It requires more investments, however.

The principal landmarks to specify industrial marking solutions would be the product attributes and the industry.

Selecting Marking Solutions: Product

Marking solutions can provide various choices based on the qualities of your products. The solution-defining questions could be:

  • Kind of material
  • Time usage
  • Component geometry (relief or plain )
  • function
  • Part dimensions
  • Who is going to process the data (machine or human )

All the options have their own strengths and constraints. Laser engraving, as an instance, is thought to be the most flexible and multipurpose, nevertheless as a surface-intruding technologies cannot be used for components with high operation requirements, in which the mark’s borders can result in a safety issue.

On the flip side, several general constraints of this technology can be worked out by selecting the most appropriate machinery. For e.g, dot peen technology is proven to best suit metal components, but you can find dot peening machines which can easily manage the surface gently as well as can mark plastic, wood and several additional materials.

Finally, businesses or industries that are looking for very specific marking needs can consider customized solutions to ensure effective and precise engraving procedure.

Practice – Discovering Metal Marking Solution

While some substance types are only managed by certain technology, the option of alternatives for metal marking is actually promising. However, to locate a perfect remedy one ought to revise additional product attributes. Is the component plain? Then it’s possible to save your prices and utilize dot peening. Looking for a high-resolution mark? The very best mark quality is guaranteed by laser engraving technology. Answering all of the above-mentioned concerns on the item will direct you into the ideal metal marking solution.

Selecting Industrial Marking Solutions: Sector

Sometimes engraving technologies is ordered by the business. Like, for surgical tools manufacturer, laser technologies has become the most well-known, along with the aerospace industry frequently chooses dot peen marking.

The present day delivers a many choices of both customized and off-the-shelf industrial marking solutions adjusted for almost any needs. If you are still concerned about the selecting the best solution for your business or industry, then there’s also a choice to consult with the marking machines manufacturers who can provide your more information in the best possible ways.

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