What to Do in Your All-Inclusive Holidays to Ibiza

What to Do in Your All-Inclusive Holidays to Ibiza

When you’re planning your holidays to Ibiza, it’s expected that the top item on your to-do list is to party from sunrise to sunset and sunrise again—and do it all over again the next day. While it’s true that there’s no party experience like in Ibiza, there are so much more sights, sounds, and experiences to, well, experience in this extraordinary island. Here are three things you can do in Ibiza that do not, in any way, have something to do with parties and loud music:

See the sights

Ibiza is home to naturally beautiful beaches and charming country sides. Swing by the little villages sprawled all over the island. Step into the ancient churches, swing through the rustic lanes, and mingle with the locals in the local markets. One spot you shouldn’t miss is the Can Marca caves at the Puerto de San Miguel beach. Ancient smugglers used these caves as one of their many routes. See the various forms and figures formed by stalactites and stalagmites for thousands of years. Make sure not to miss these caves in your all-inclusive holidays to Ibiza!

Rent Luxury Yachts

Take in the sights of Ibiza’s breathtakingly beautiful coastline and be where the action is at the same time by hiring a boat. Boat-charter companies offer daily and weekly rentals of yachts and boats, which is an ideal way to be part of the “wet set.” One of the leading luxury yachts company is ibiza Luxury Yachts to rent luxury yachts in Ibiza. You can hire yachts with or without skippers. If you want to explore the waters of the island in luxury, go for a luxury yacht. Pick a captain who isn’t only an expert in manning the vessel but also an expert on some facts and tidbits about Ibiza. You’ll learn a lot about the island along the way.

Go diving 

All-inclusive Ibiza holidays aren’t only for frolicking at the beach. They’re for exploring the beautiful waters of Ibiza down deep too. With more than two hundred kilometers of spectacular waters, there’s more than enough space for your diving moments. Qualified diving schools are all over the island, so you shouldn’t have a tough time selecting a diving school for you. Some renowned diving schools are the Phoenix Dive Center, Ibiza Diving College, Arenal Diving Center, and Scuba Ibiza Diving Center. The instructors are highly trained and excellent. You’re sure to have a memorable first dive.

There are tons of package deals available for all-inclusive holidays to Ibiza. When selecting one, go for the deal that lets you explore the entire island, be it on land or water. You’ll get more bang for your buck this way. Remember to not let your itinerary get in the way of you having a memorable trip. Don’t be scared to get off the well-worn path and explore the island on your own. There’s so much more to see and go to in Ibiza. Plus the locals are friendly and accommodating. They’d love to show you around, and who knows, you could make new friends in Ibiza!

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