What Tools Do Locksmiths Use and What Jobs Can They Perform

What Tools Do Locksmiths Use & What Jobs Can They Perform?

Almost every profession largely depends on the tools needed to get the job done, and the field of locksmithing is no different. Carrying out locksmithing tasks successfully requires not only polished skills, but also a set of essential tools to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

In this article, we’ll cover the different tools locksmiths use and the services they offer. So keep reading!

A Locksmith’s Tools

Here are a few must-haves for any locksmith;

A hook

If you’ve ever seen someone use a paperclip while trying to pick a lock, it’s because they didn’t have one of these. A hook is one of the basic tools you need for lockpicking. It offers lots of diversity for single pin picking techniques among other uses.


Several types of rakes typically find their way into a locksmith’s toolbox. Whether it’s a Bogata rake or an L rake, it’s one of the most popular items for a locksmith’s collection of tools. The L rake (also known as The City rake) resembles a saw blade in appearance, getting its name from looking like a city skyline. Due to its sawlike functionality, it’s used in keyways with a rocking motion to bite on the key.

Many beginner lockpicks choose the Bogota rake since it is used in a more standard way requiring you to quickly move the rake in and out of the keyhole. In some cases, keyholes don’t let rakes in, but it’s a must-have for locksmiths.

Key Extractor

For scenarios where a broken key piece is stuck in the client’s key slot, a locksmith will need a key extractor. It helps in smoothly pulling out the jammed key piece. Aside from pieces of broken keys, other foreign objects can also be found stuck in your key slots. For instance, in case of an attempted burglary, a thief may have tried to pick your lock with an object that never came out of the keyhole. Often found beside a handy rekey kit this is often used for situations like these, locksmiths always keep key extractors on hand.


A scope is a locksmith’s best friend when it comes to handling tiny parts or working in tight spaces. It helps you in adjusting tiny parts to ensure you’ve done it correctly.

Tension Wrench

While lockpicking can certainly be done without a tension wrench, the tool makes the job much simpler and faster. With tension wrenches, locksmiths don’t have to worry about keeping their hands steady or having to start over. The tool stops any unneeded movement, which makes the locksmith’s life much easier.

Installation Templates

Locksmiths need an installation template for fitting new lock systems in. These templates help them drill into accurate spots instead of having to guess their drill targets. Not only does it simplify and tidy up their work, but also saves potential damage and time.

Lock Pick Guns

Lock pick guns also have their place in the list of locksmithing essentials. These guns speed the lock picking process by a lot. Compared to doing it manually, this tool makes it much safer for the lock if used properly. The latest versions come with fancy features like powered electronic parts.

Some other tools used by locksmiths involve wedges, long-reach tools, slim jims, auto jigglers, or automotive lockpicks that can come in handy in a variety of scenarios.

For the common folk!

Even if you’re not planning on becoming a professional locksmith, some tools can be incredibly helpful in desperate situations.

For instance, one of the worst things to experience as a car owner is to accidentally lock yourself out, and it’s a nightmare if that happens when there aren’t any locksmiths nearby. Have the right tools on hand and some basic training on their use can be a lifesaver. If you’d like to pick up such locksmithing skills, or become more advanced at it.

What jobs can locksmiths perform?

What Tools Do Locksmiths Use

Many people know locksmiths as people you call when you lock yourself out on accident. While that’s only one of the key services they provide, their career and task diversity is much wider than that. There are plenty of other types of jobs they can get done.

Other than fitting locks and cutting keys, there’s a wide variety of services they can perform. Including;

1. Security safes

Locksmiths can supply, fit, open, and repair security safes for you. Their work can involve;

  • Opening vaults and safes (including dial lock and digital safes)
  • Moving security safes or large vaults
  • Supplying, installing and repairing safes

2. Cutting keys of all sorts

Another area involved in the scope of locksmith tasks is key cutting. A professional locksmith can cut keys for any lock type including cabinets, door locks, uPVC doors, back doors, padlocks, etc.

The work includes;

  • Restricted keys
  • Hand cutting keys
  • Machine cutting keys
  • Security keys

3. Auto locksmithing (vehicle locks and keys)

Some locksmiths also include auto locksmithing in the services they offer. Auto locksmiths are trained and experienced in working with vehicular keys and locks.

Work includes;

  • Repairing car door locks and keys
  • Replacing misplaced car keys
  • Creating car key copies or duplicates
  • Programming remote keys for smart car locks

4. Door and window locks

Locksmiths can supply, install, and repair your window and door locks. As a specialist area of locksmithing services, they can work on UPVC door or window locks in houses.

5. 24/7 emergency locksmithing services

Locking yourself out on accident can happen at any hour, regardless of how unsociable it is. If you lose your keys or leave them inside a locked house at 1 am on a Sunday, the only person who can redeem that situation is an emergency locksmith. While out-of-hour locksmiths are rare, their work can be extremely valuable, and involves;

  • Repairs after cases of burglary
  • Spare key cutting
  • Emergency lockouts
  • Creating duplicate keys when original keys are lost

6. Access control systems

Certain locksmithing professionals can recommend, supply, and fit electronic access control systems to commercial or domestic properties.

These systems allow businesses or homeowners to have exclusive control over who gets to access the property. This helps prevents trespassers or unauthorized people to enter without permission. If you feel that your business or house needs a security upgrade immediately, a local MLA licensed locksmith could be the man for you.

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