What You Must Know About Bangalore

What You Must Know About Bangalore – City of Dreams

The city of Bangalore is a blend of the old and the new. It has kept one eye on the past preserving its tradition and culture, and the other on the future to constantly progress as a global city. With several pubs and restaurants, architectural marvels and natural getaways, Bangalore can be a traveller’s delight. Scratch beyond the surface of this busy IT city, and you will be treated to the memories of a rich historical and cultural past, and the welcoming comfort of nature at its best all the year around.

A Meeting of Worlds

Modern-day Bangalore is a city synonymous with the cosmopolitan India. Its Victorian architecture, landmark parks, plenty of lung space, pleasant climate and a vibrant nightlife have easily accommodate sprawling modern housing complexes which are home to people from all over the world. Local residents rub shoulders with senior global executives over steaming cups of filter coffee and crisp dosas every morning, and head to the many pubs and restaurants in the city to wind down after a hard day’s work. Every traveller’s dream destination, Bangalore hides away a new experience at every turn, and a trip to the city is sure to leave one with a to-do list for the next trip to the IT capital of India.

Getting Around

A part of the allure of Banglaore is its many quaint lanes and alleys which connect to broad highways. While these may be a bit daunting for a newcomer to navigate through this seemingly random traffic, a self-drive car and some practice is sure to help one find method to the madness. A well-laid out plan which lends itself to some change, and a vehicle which one may depend on, are all one need to savour the many flavours of Bangalore.

The explorer in you…

From a visit to the idyllic village Nrityagram, sampling local South Indian fare at local outlets or deciphering the history behind old monuments and interesting graffiti across the city, one needs to be independent to get it done. A planned itinerary and should never be missed. With careful planning and detailing, one can easily tick the boxes and hop on to the flight or station to ferry an explorer to their next destination.

Day trip or airport pick up

Bangalore is a city which is always on the go. Between busy schedules and tight deadlines, one is constantly working against the clock. A day trip involves several things to be accomplished- from getting done with that important meeting to rushing to catch a glimpse of the iconic Bangalore Palace, or maybe grabbing a box of silky-sweet mysore-pak to take back home.

One stop solution

The perfect way to solve the problem of getting around Bangalore- whatever be the kind or purpose of travel is a car rental. Journeys can be made far more easily and conveniently in one’s own vehicle with self drive cars in Bangalore instead of relying on bus or auto journeys. A practical solution putting one in control of where they want to go at a time that suits them.

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