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Trend Spotlight: What’s Going On with WooCommerce?

34% of worldwide e-commerce sales were on mobile devices in 2017. Fast forward somewhat, with 54% of international e-commerce sales expected to come from mobile devices by 2021. This implies that online shops must react so that they work and seem attractive on every device. Loading time is equally crucial for mobile phones. Consumers are likely to lose patience by refusing to load a page on their devices.

Thankfully, some sites deliver, like  WooCommerce. It does not sit in one location like everything else. It evolves and adapts to consumers and the market as a whole. For years, certain styles continue to remain popular, while others emerge unexpectedly. Here are the most intriguing themes of WooCommerce in 2021 to check out and apply on your site:

Enhanced Mobile Experience

Was it ever brought to your attention that 63.4 percent of the world’s mobile phone population uses their phone to access the internet? Therefore, mobile devices account for an increasingly large proportion of the visitors to your website. To ensure that these visitors have the most incredible possible experience, your website should be optimized for mobile use. If you don’t already have a mobile version of the site, it’s a good idea to start working on one right away.

You may already be losing a significant number of prospective clients because they were unable to browse your desktop site from their smartphone or tablet unless you take action. Several years ago, most leading web commerce companies, such as Amazon, began developing a mobile version of their websites. There has been a lot of fear among website owners since Google started to favor mobile sites over traditional ones in its search results. However, there is nothing much to be concerned about. As long as you have a mobile version of your website, you should be OK.

Revamped Pages for Products

A significant advantage brought about by modern technology is the option to customize your product pages. WooCommerce, for example, now has a 360-degree Image function that you can use to immerse your customers entirely in the atmosphere you want them to see and feel when browsing your products. Through the use of videos on your product pages, you can demonstrate to prospective consumers how your product appears while it is in use, as well as how it operates and what all of its many features are.

Customers who view product videos are more likely to purchase the products, according to a study. Furthermore, 71% of customers believe that the video provides a more thorough explanation of the product. Your product pages will be more successful if you include high-resolution pictures, interactive infographics, and AR & VR technologies. These characteristics will increase the likelihood of visitors purchasing from you if you use them to make your goods more attractive to them.

Customized Shopping

Recognizing your customer’s name is not the last thing you should include on your list of things to accomplish to make their purchasing experience more customized. You may surprise them with even more personalized benefits if you are aware of their geographic area, language, and purchasing habits. For example, the WooCommerce Darwin Pricing Integration plugin allows you to create geo-targeted discount coupons and tracking codes. When you reach consumers in a particular nation, state, or area, they may be accommodating. Another significant advantage of customization is the ability to provide your visitors with the choice of seeing your site’s material in their local language.

Conversational Marketing

And yes, we are referring to chatbots. In terms of customer service, they are very beneficial. Even if your chatbots are not particularly sophisticated, you may program them to answer your clients’ queries until a human person enters the conversation. In addition to the Facebook Messenger for WooCommerce and WooWBot, several more highly developed alternatives are currently available. With the assistance of BotMaker, you can connect Facebook Messenger to your website.

At the same time, WooWBot is an independent chatbot shop assistant who does not need third-party integrations to function correctly. However, like many other eCommerce systems, WooCommerce is more focused on getting your first online sales out the door than thinking about future orders. WooCommerce lacks the tools you need to handle returns in their entirety. This is where you’ll need a reliable WooCommerce order returns plugin.

It is always essential to distinguish yourself from the competition, particularly in the competitive world of e-commerce. Making your website look more distinctive may help your company establish a more substantial presence in the minds of visitors and prospective consumers, and we anticipate that we will see specific particular aesthetics that will help keep people engaged in your brand.

This year’s design trends include utilizing high saturation and minimalism in addition to bright, eye-catching colors. These trends may attract attention and may help you earn more on-page time and eventually convert more visitors.

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