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Why and Where to Use Glass Doors In Your Home

Indian homes did not traditionally use a lot of glass in their structure. Where the Western world has been exposed to large glass panels in many of their architecture (such as painted glass on church windows), Indians used other tactics to play with light. Typically, this was achieved through open windows. In a country which swings from extreme hot to extreme cold in most places, glass doors were also not a very practical solution.

However, modern architecture has changed all that. The modern homes often have large glass-fronted windows and doors. You will also find large glass-fronted office blocks. Glass door accessories manufacturers are bringing out new and improved products, meant to enhance the beauty and functionality of the glass doors.

Where to use glass door?

In a residential property, glass doors can be used at almost any place, except at the entrance. You cannot use glass doors at any place that can be easily broken into for obvious reasons. Reinforced glass today is quite strong, but not strong enough to repel a burglar who can simply break it down! Other than that, glass doors, including sliding glass doors, are a common feature in many modern households today.

Glass doors have another disadvantage — lack of privacy. This is why glass doors are not usually used as bathroom doors. However, frosted or painted glass can provide a quick solution. Glass doors are a common feature within a bathroom — as a partitioning system for the shower area. Lack of privacy also hampers their use as bedroom doors.

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However, glass doors are ideal when we want to create a light partition, such as between a living room and the dining space or for the kitchen area. But they are ideal for windows and balcony doors. These are openings that open up the house to light, air and the view outside. Glass doors are especially ideal when we have a small and dark room.

Let us look at some of the benefits of glass doors:

1. Letting in natural light

Glass is a transparent material, which means that it will allow light to pass through. When placed on the outer walls, a glass door will let in the natural light outside. Natural light is brighter and more soothing to the eye, giving the room a natural brightness. With connecting glass doors, the light will again pass through to other parts of the house. Natural light means that your electricity bills also come down!

2. Creating a visually larger space

The transparency of the glass and its ability to pass light also gives the room a visual illusion of a larger space. Since the room is not enclosed by a wall, there is no sense of enclosure. Instead the space appears to continue outwards. Natural and abundant light in the room also diminishes dark, shadowed places, creating a light open space.

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3. Improving the look

As explained above, glass doors create a light and open space. If your home opens up to a spectacular view, then this is a no brainer. You get to showcase that view at almost no extra cost. Today you also have a number of glass door accessories manufacturers who are improving the aesthetics and functionality of these doors.

4. Termite resistant

The benefits are not just visual, glass as a material also has a number of benefits. Unlike a wooden door, glass doors are less susceptible to damage from organisms like termites and wood bores, a major cause of destruction.

5. Impervious to moisture

Wooden and metal doors have a major drawback in areas with high moisture content. While it can cause rusting in metal doors, wooden doors and swell up and cause changes in dimensions. Moisture can also rot wood. This often makes them unsuitable in places like bathrooms.

In contrast, moisture has no effect on glass. It does not rust like metal, now peel off like wood. With glass door accessories manufacturers coming up with moisture proof accessories, there is no reason why a glass door cannot last for years in spanking new condition. All it needs is a good wipe now and then!

Glass doors can greatly enhance the look of any room. With glass door accessories manufacturers coming up with new and innovative additions, glass doors are fast becoming an ideal solution to bring in natural light into our cramped urban spaces.

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