Why Being Authentic in Your Moan-Making Can Make Sex Even Hotter

Why Being Authentic in Your Moan-Making Can Make Sex Even Hotter?

Sex and moaning are inseparable, both in culture and in real life. Think of a sex scene in a movie without at least one grunt or gasp in it. It’s impossible. Making all kinds of sounds during sex is completely normal.

Moreover, it can make the whole bed experience even hotter. Something in our psychology makes us turned on immediately as we hear it, and that’s why sex without moaning is like alcohol-free beer. It tastes okay, but something is missing.

Of course, there may be people who don’t like moaning during sex, and for them, is important to boost their sex confidence by checking more information on omgkinky.com

But we’re not here to talk about that. We’re here to find out more about why being authentic in your moan-making can make sex even hotter.

Why Do We Even Moan During Sex?

Let’s find out more about the psychological and biological origins of sex moaning before we get to the question given in the title. So, why do you think you moan during sex? The answer is actually very simple, you feel turned on, and you feel pleasure.

By moaning, you tell your partner that you’re enjoying what he’s doing. Notice that you’re doing the same thing after you throw yourself on the bed after a long day. It can be a moan or a grunt. What matters is that you experience a pleasure.

In general, moaning during sex is a way of showing your partner that everything is great. And that makes him or her much more confident and comfortable.

How Moans Can Make Sex Even Hotter

Okay, but let’s get to the point. Why being authentic in your moan-making can make sex even hotter? There are a few points that prove that this statement is accurate, and why moaning can improve the sexual experience for both you and your partner.

As mentioned above, moaning guides your partner. When you moan, he or she knows that you’re enjoying yourself, and therefore he’s doing everything right. Your partner gains confidence, and you get more pleasure from sex, a classic win-win situation.

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But there’s more. Letting a few moans during sex can make your orgasm even better and more intense. Why? Because when a woman moans and her throat opens, and her breathing slows. These things lead to relaxing her pelvic floor muscles.

That makes orgasm bigger, better, more intense, and, therefore, hotter. It can also make your partner’s orgasm more intense because it is scientifically proven that moaning makes us feel more turned on.

So, as you can see, you shouldn’t hold yourself. Let your partner hear your moans. Letting yourself go will make your sex more intense and hotter for both you and your partner.

Of course, if you’re unable to moan, it doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with you. Every person experiences pleasure differently, so don’t worry if, in your case, there’s no moan, growl, or any sound whatsoever. It’s entirely normal for some people.

But if you feel that it’s psychological, contact a specialist who will help you to get to the bottom of a potential problem. Remember that you should never be afraid to seek help and communicate when you feel that something is not entirely right.

What About Fake Moaning?

Authentic moan-making comes naturally, and therefore is an expression of your pleasure. Fake moaning, on the other hand, can be deceiving, and as it states in its name, fake. So why should you never fake your moaning and orgasms?

Well, mostly because fake moans mean that you don’t feel any pleasure. And what’s the point of sex without joy? It should be the activity that both you and your partner enjoy doing, not a punishment.

The second thing wrong with fake moaning is giving your partner the false signals. As mentioned before, when your partner hears your moans, it makes him, or she thinks that you feel pleasure.

When it comes to authentic moans, it’s a great thing, but when you fake, your partner will keep doing the things you don’t enjoy. Keep in mind that you should always communicate plainly with in bed.

Tell your partner what turns you on and what things you enjoy. Don’t fake pleasure just because you’re afraid. It’s going to turn your sex life into something unpleasant and unenjoyable.

There’s Nothing Like an Authentic Moan

So, as you can see, moaning during sex is a fantastic way to express yourself and make your sex even hotter. There’s one simple rule you have to stick to. Keep it all-natural.

Authentic moan-making makes your sex a more intense and better experience for both you and your partner. Many studies prove it, so don’t be afraid to let yourself go during sex. Your partner will see that you’re enjoying yourself and that you’re feeling pleasure.

That’s going to make your partner more confident and allow him to feel more pleasure from sex as well. Remember that communication in a bed is the key, and a moan is a form of communication, so it’s crucial to keep it authentic.

So, if you want to make your sex even hotter, turn your volume up. You won’t be disappointed.

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