Why Is It Important to Get a Degree

Why Is It Important to Get a Degree?

You may be at the stage in your life where you’re struggling to decide whether to go to university or choose another avenue to further your career. One of the many questions that potential students want to know is – ‘is it still important to have a degree to progress in my career, and is it worth the cost?’ The answer ultimately depends on what you want to get out of life, but there are certain benefits that come from having a degree. If you have a set goal in mind, it’s more often the case that a bachelor’s degree will help you get where you want to be.

Here are just a few reasons why you should go to university and earn a bachelor’s degree:

1. Increased job opportunities

Getting a bachelor’s degree opens a vast amount of job opportunities to you, which may not have been an option previously. According to a study, almost two-thirds of jobs this year will require candidates to be bachelor-degree educated. This figure proves that having this qualification is only set to become more valuable in employment as the years go by.

Once you have obtained this qualification, you can be much pickier about the type of job you want, rather than having to resort to anything that comes available.In turn, this should increase your happiness and job satisfaction as you have more control over your career.

2. The chance to have a specialist career

If you have the ambition to work in a particular career sector, do you have the correct knowledge and experience to get your foot in the door? Without a relevant degree, it can be extremely hard to enter a competitive field. Technology, marketing, and healthcare are sectors that are constantly adapting and require individuals with certain talents.

Having a degree almost acts like a funnel to land into specialist job roles. www.marianuniversity.edu is a helpful resource to find out more about specialist degrees and the jobs they can lead to.

3. Higher salary

When it comes to choosing a career path, one of the main factors you may be considering is whether you can secure a decent salary. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the more educated you are, the more you’ll earn. This, of course, is heavily dependent on the industry you’re working in, as nurses and teachers earn significantly less than those working in business, technology, and engineering. Despite this, the potential to earn larger salaries is substantially higher for those who have a degree.

4. Job security

Job security is almost guaranteed when you have a degree under your belt. Quite simply, the most prized employees are usually those who are highly educated. When times are hard, and cuts of the workforce need to be made, it’s far more likely that an employer will choose those who have the relevant qualifications, over employees who have basic high school grades. In fact, education is so important in certain industries that employers sometimes offer to pay for training as it is deemed a huge investment to the company.

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